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Akshya Vasudev

MBBS, MD, MRCPsych, PG Cert Med Ed

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Preliminary Results Presented at London Health Research Day 2015
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for seniors looking for relief from feeling low and depressed.

Are you 60-85 and generally in good health?
If so, you are invited to participate in a new research study to investigate the effects of meditation on mood and heart health in seniors.
This study will investigate a meditative technique that show promise in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression;  and increasing wellbeing, focus, and concentration.
The study aims to investigate the relationship between potential improvements in mood and heart health in seniors.

Joining this study requires participation in a 4 session training program and once weekly 45-60 minute follow up sessions for the next 11 weeks.
Participation also involves confidential assessments of cardiovascular health and mood at Western University and LHSC, Victoria Hospital.
This study does not require initiation of any new antidepressants. However, if you are on any we encourage you to continue on them.

What will I gain?
 Study participants will receive the meditative training free of charge plus financial compensation for their time.
If interested, please contact Dr. A. Vasudev @ (519) 685-8807.

Here's what some of the participants that received ASTM training have said:
  •  ASTM "reinforces positive thoughts," has a "calming effect," and is "relaxing and peaceful."
  •  After practicing meditation, they felt "more calm, more relaxed," had "more energy, more patience," and "accomplished more."
  •  Participants are "more aware of anxiety and able to come out of it" find it "easier to accept life's ups and downs"

Akshya Vasudev, MBBS, MD, MRCPsych, PG Cert Med Ed
Assistant Professor of Geriatric Psychiatry and Medicine, 
Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
Western University

Associate Scientist, The Lawson Health Research Institute
London Health Sciences Centre, Victoria Hospital
800 Commissioners Road East, Room A2-607,
London, Ontario, N6A-4G5
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