Alternative Treatments for Late-Life Depression (LLD)

Late-life depression study poster

Accessible Transcript

Are you feeling low or depressed…and looking for relief? We are looking for adults aged 60-85, who are in good general health, to participate in a research study exploring alternative treatments for late-life depression. This study will investigate two programs – Sahaj Samadhi Meditation and the Health Enhancement Program – that show promise in improving mood among those with depression and would take place over a 12-week period. Joining this study requires the attendance of 4, 2-hour training sessions in the first week of the study with 75-minute follow-up sessions every week for the remaining 11-weeks. You will also be asked to attend a final follow-up appointment, 26-weeks from the start of the study. This study does not require you to initiate a new medication (i.e. antidepressants). If you already take such medication, however, you will be advised to continue on them. What will you gain? Free training in self-directed programs with potential benefits for those with late-life depression. You will also be compensated for your time. If interested, or for more information, please contact: Emily @ (519) 685-8500 X 74912. Please do not share this study advertisement on social media sites where others may view your identity and/or comment on your posts possibly revealing their identity. This will help protect your privacy and confidentiality as well as that of others.