Bipasha BaruahWestern Arts & Humanities

Graduate and Postdoctoral Supervision

Western University

Postdoctoral Supervision

Dr. Reeju Ray, PhD (Queen’s University, Canada, 2013) Women and Urban Livelihoods in Urban India, 2015-2017. (SSHRC Insight Grant 435 2014 1847).

Dr. Usharani Rathinam, PhD (University of Reading, UK, 2015) Mobile phones, Gendered Poverty and Inequality: Experiences from Rural and Urban India, 2015-2016. (SSHRC Insight Grant 435 2014 1847).

PhD Supervision and Co-supervision

Sarah Saska-Crozier, Can Social Innovation Advance Gender Equality and Women’s Rights? PhD in Women’s Studies and Feminist Research (WSFR), 2012 – 2016.

Kathleen Grantham, Making microfinance work: exploring effective strategies to promote Tanzanian women’s economic and social status through microfinance, PhD in WSFR, 2012 – 2016.

Jacqueline Potvin, Female sexuality and reproductive rights: the impact of popular development discourse on advocacy and health services provision in the developing world, PhD in WSFR, 2012 -

Rita Nketiah, Second-Generation Ghanaian-Canadian Women, Identity Formation and Revisiting the African Diaspora, PhD in WSFR, 2012 – withdrew in 2015 to pursue doctorate at York University.

MA Supervision and Co-supervision

Alexandra Nelson, Coping and survival strategies of homeless single mothers in Victoria, BC and London, Ontario, MA in Sociocultural Anthropology, 2016-2018.

Aisha Siddika, Global Perspectives on Acid Violence, MA in WSFR, 2013-2014.

Pamela Uppal, The Experiences and Social Location of First Generation South Asian Women in Canada, MA in WSFR, 2013-2014

Courtney Young, Empowerment Narratives in International Development: Tracing the Trajectory and Impact of Women’s Empowerment on Development Practice, MA in WSFR, 2013-2014.

Nidhi Shrivastava, Cosmopolitan Women or Daughters of Tradition: Negotiations of Marriage, Culture, and Identity in First, 1.5 and Second-generation South Asian women in Contemporary Canada, MA in WSFR, 2012-2013.

Aisha Omar, Intersecting Oppressions: A Black Feminist Analysis of First-Generation African Immigrant Women’s Experiences of Skills Discounting in Canada, MA in WSFR, 2012-2013.

Grad University Examiner

Joseph Kangmennaang. Impact of Agroecology Adoption, Migration and Remittance Receipt on Household Welfare. MA in Geography, June 2015.

Rashedul Alam. Mining, Resistance and Livelihood in Rural Bangladesh. MA in Anthropology, July 2015.

Bharat Punjabi, Claims of the City? Rights of the Countryside? Politics of Water Contestation in the Mumbai-Thane Region of India, Ph.D. in Geography, April 2015.

Andrea Bobadilla, “Oh, So We’re Not Insured?”:  Exploring the Impact of Ontario’s Health Insurance Plan on New Permanent Residents and Health Care Providers, M.Sc. in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, September 2013.

Dina Najjar, The Money of Qaroon and the Patience of Ayoub: Women and Land in Egypt’s Mubarak Resettlement Scheme, Ph.D. in Anthropology, September 2013.

PhD Comprehensive Exam Committee Member

Crystal Gaudet, Gendered Labour in the Global Economy/ Gender, Labour and Im(migration) in Canada, November 2013.

Undergraduate Thesis Supervision

Naciza Maskini, Women’s Employment in Global Transportation Systems, BA in WSFR, 2016-2017.

Rishita Apsani, Opportunities and Constraints in Integrating Women as Employees in the Public Transport Sector of New Delhi, India, BA in Political Science, 2012-2015.

University of Toronto

MA Supervision

Juveria Zaheer, Life Experiences and Patterns of Distress in Chinese-Canadian Women with a History of Suicidal Behaviour, M.Sc. in Medical Science, February 2015.

University of Helsinki, Finland: Pre-Reader and External Examiner:

PhD Supervision

Paivi Mattila, Domestic Labour Relations in India: Vulnerability and Gendered Life Courses in Jaipur, PhD in Development Studies, October 2011.

Mohammad Jasim Uddin, Microcredit, Gender and Neoliberal Development in Bangladesh, PhD in Development Studies, February 20, 2013.