Children of Jacob Conrad and Anna Eva Staring Clock

Catherine (George) Risenburgh

Catherine Clock, born 1780/82, New York State, daughter of Jacob Conrad Clock, married George Risenburgh the 8 Mar 1803 at St. James Parish, York township. St. James marriage record records George's name as Rippenbarack but on Jacob Conrad Clock's Will he signed Risenburgh. George Risenburgh was a sponsor at the baptism of Catherine, daughter of Henry and Ann (Nancy) Clock Phillips in 1820. There is a mention of a Risenburgh in Etobicoke township, York County in Brown's 1846/7 directory. It is postulated they may have had a daughter Eliza who had a brief first marriage to a Scarlet.

Eliza Scarlet married Jacob Delong 22 Jan 1828, the witnesses being  David and Diadema Diver Clock (James Harris,  Presbyterian minister).

Jacob Conrad Clock's will, in 1832, witnessed by John Clock, George Risenburgh and Henry Phillips, cites Eliza Delong, wife of Jacob Delong as his granddaughter. One of the trustees of the will was John Burkholder. After the death of Jacob Delong, Eliza married John Burkholder 10 June 1843, one of the witnesses being Elsey Phillips, daughter of Henry and Ann (Nancy) Clock Phillips. They lived in Etobicoke where, in the 1851 census of Etobicoke, Eliza's son William Delong was described as a miller.

In Jacob Conrad's will he left the residue of his estate after expenses and 50£ owed him by a Lehman of Markham township, to Eliza Delong "for her unabated kindness and attention to me in my declining years". This was to be used to purchase half of lot 32, third concession from the Bay as a tenant in common with Jacob Delong. If Jacob Delong
neglected or refused to allow the deed to be issued in the joint names of himself and wife Eliza Delong then the trustees should hold the sum of 50£ in trust for his said granddaughter, separate and independent of any control of her said husband Jacob Delong. Eliza Delong's name did not appear on the title of lot 32, third Concession from the Bay. It appears that Jacob Delong and then William Delong held the title.

Margaret (Benajah) Rouse (George) Anderson

Margaret Clock, daughter of Jacob Conrad Clock was married to Benajah Rouse a Niagara ferryman who drowned on Lake Ontario. Their son, Benajah, was baptized 23 Jun 1809 at St. James Parish, the sponsors being Joseph Clock and Susannah Anderson.

Benajah Rouse, wife Jemima and children, Amous, born 1830; Harriet, born 1832; William, born 1834; Mary, born 1844 and Letitia, born 1850 were listed in the 1851 census of Whitby township. An Oshawa Union Cemetery stone records the death of Benejah Rouse, 4 Jun 1885, age 76 and Jemima Stevens his wife, 11 Mar 1864, age 55.

The marriages of two children of Benajah and Jemima Stevens Rouse were found.

William Rowse of Whitby married Margaret Stevens of Darlington, daughter of Elijah and Flora Stevens, 25 Dec 1862, witnesses being Elijah Stevens and Benajah Rowse.

M.J. Rouse and W. Bloomfied, son of William and Phoebe Bloomfield of Oshawa were married the 30 Jan 1868 by the Rev. Lomas of Bomanville.

As a widow, Margaret Clock Rouse married George Anderson, 7 Dec 1818, son of Elias Anderson, UEL. George and Margaret Clock Rouse Anderson are thought to have lived in the Pickering and Whitby area. There may have been children of this union.

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