Children of Jacob Conrad and Anna Eva Staring Clock (continued)

Mary (Edward) Phillips

Mary Clock

Mary Clock, daughter of Jacob Conrad Clock, was baptized 12 Jul 1790, at St. Johnsville Reformed Church, St. Johnsville, New York. Mary's marriage to Edward Phillips, born in New York State, whose ethnicity was also German was recorded at St. James Parish the 13 Mar 1809. One of the witnesses was John Clock. Edward and Mary Clock Phillips lived on lot 18, Concession B in Etobicoke.

Children of Edward and Mary Clock Phillips:

1.   Edward Jr. was born 25 Dec 1809 and baptized at St. James Parish, the 30 Nov 1823, the sponsors being Henry and Ann (Nancy) Clock Phillips.
    John Culham, Wesleyan preacher, married Edward Phillips Jr. and Sarah Nell on 13 Jan 1833 in Etobicoke. Children of this marriage were:  Henry born 1836/7; John born 1840 married Jennie Liscombe; Emily born 1845 married Henry Sutton?; Charity born 1848; Sarah born 1849; Jane born 1849 (maybe the same person as Sarah);  Lena 1851.

    This marriage was apparently doomed to failure because attached to the deed of lot 24, Concession 2, Etobicoke and the east 1/2 of lot 9, Concession 12 in Innisfil township, both of which Edward Jr. owned, was a separation agreement between Edward and Sarah. In this agreement he was to pay her a regular sum of money which would be administered by William Cave, the husband of Edward's sister Eve. There is an indication that there may have been a son Henry born of this union.

    Edward Jr. and second wife, Charlotte Winters are recorded in the 1851, 1861 and 1871 census. They lived on lot 25, Concession 7, Vaughan township where Edward owned an Inn. They had the following children: Rosana, born 1841, wife of William Charles Ellis; Ann (Nancy), born 1843, wife of William Clark, they lived in Huron County; Sarah, born 1844, died 1850; Elizabeth, born 1845, married William Turner; Mary Ann, born 1849, died 1849; Edward, born 1850; William, born 1850 (Edward and William may have been one and the same); Sarah Ann, born 1852, wife of Alex Rogerson; James, born 1854; Hannah, born 1856, married Allan John Stevenson and lived in Manitoba; Archibald, born 1857; George, born 1863; Christina, born 1865, married George Seed.

    Edward Jr. sold the Vaughan property just before his death in 1872 and at that time Sarah Nell Phillips gave up her rights for $1.

    2. Eve Phillips, born 11 Dec 1811, was baptized on the same day as Edward Phillips Jr. She married William Cave, carpenter and they lived in Etobicoke several lots away from Edward Sr. and Mary Clock Phillips.

    An Eve Phillips witnessed the marriage 15 Jun 1818 at St. James Parish of Philip Philips and Mary Ker. In the Rev. Wm. Jenkins marriage Registers 1819-1843, Richmond Hill, marriage #62, 8 June 1822, Eve Phillips married Thomas Edsal. Marriage #57, 15 May 1822, Jacob Phillips married Abigail Edie, the witness being Thomas Edsal.
    Perhaps Eve, Jacob, Philip and Henry Phillips who married Ann Clock may have been siblings to Edward Phillips Sr. Who the father of Edward and Henry Phillips may have been has been undetermined. However the Oath of Allegiance was signed at York 11 Jun 1805 before Will. Willcocks J.P. of one James Phillipse describe as following:
    James Phillipse of Yonge Street late of the Mohawk River, five feet Seven Inches high black Eyes, Dark hair, Thirty nine years Old

    The 1851 census of Etobicoke lists William Cave and wife Mary (Effie) and their children, Sarah born 1834; Mary Jane, born 1835 married Robert Atkinson; George L. born 1837; Edward, born 1839; Maria, born 1842, married Neal McLaughlin of Etobicoke, Feb 1868; William, born 1843; James, born 1847; Christina, born 1850 and Rebecca, born 1852, married Richard Lewis.

    William, born 1843, became a well known builder in the Niagara region and Edward, born 1839, lived in the Thistletown area of Etobicoke.

    ?. Caroline may have been a daughter of Edward and Mary Clock Phillips. At St. James Parish the marriage took place the 20 Nov 1836 of Caroline Phillips and Thomas Clarke. One of the witnesses was William Cave. Thomas and Caroline Phillips Clarke have not been found in a census. It appears that Caroline may not have been the daughter of Edward and Mary Clock Phillips after all. The will of Philip Phillips, York township, 1832, whose wife was Mary Ann (see above marriage of Phillip Phillips to Mary Ker) states he had  3 sons, Almon, Simon and Joseph, not of age and  3 daughters Caroline, Mary Ann Sharlotter, Dianthy Phillips not yet 18. The 1846/7 Brown's directory lists Alman Phillips on Lot 22, Conc 2  from the Bay. Almon Phillips is listed in the 1851 census of York Twp.

    3. Abraham Phillips, mentioned in his father's will, married Elizabeth Gibson of Etobicoke the 13 May 1843, one of the witnesses being Lawrence Robinson. Abraham and Elizabeth Gibson Phillips have not been found in a census. Brown's directory  1846/47 lists them in Etobicoke, on Lot 20, Conc. a.

    4. Mary Ann Phillips, born 1818, married Lawrence Robinson the 30 Sept 1840 in Etobicoke, as recorded in the St. James registers. One of the witnesses was Edward Phillips. Lawrence and Mary Ann Phillips Robinson were witnesses at the marriage of Belinda Phillips (daughter of Edward and Mary Clock Phillips) and Peter Mallaby. Brown's Directory of 1846-7 lists Lawrence Robinson in Etobicoke.

    The 1851 Census Haldimand County, Walpole Township records:
    Laurence Robinson, farmer, 38, born England; Mary, born Upper Canada, 29; William 11; Thomas 9; Laurence 4; Edward 1; Margaret 7; Mary 6; Eliza 3.

    Mary Robinson 23, Walpole, daughter of Lawrence and Mary (Phillips) Robinson, married 21 Jan 1869 Nathan Lemery 24, Walpole, Trafalgar. In 1881 they were living in Windham, Norfolk North and had the following children: Anna May 11; Lilly 9; David 7; Ada 5; Lena 3. In 1901 there was a daughter Emma K., birth date 29 Jul 1883.
    Lilly Lemery, Woodhouse married Robert Leaney of Port Dover, 14 Jan 1889, died 11 Jul 1892, in Woodhouse.
    David Lemery "who has been visiting here married Miss Clara Kniffin last week. They left for Milwaukee on Wednesday". Simcoe Reformer: 1896 Oct 29
    Ada Lemery, Woodhouse, married Frank Appleford, Townsend, 21 Sep 1898 at Colborne.
    Lena B. Lemery, of Renton married George Smith of Tyrell, 24 Mar1897 at Colborne.
    Emma K. Lemery, Townsend, Norfolk, married Archie D. Hyde, teacher of the public school at Tyrell, 5 Aug 1903.

    William Robinson 23, Walsingham, son of Lawrence and Mary (Phillips) Robinson, married 25 Feb 1864 Fanny McCabe 17, Walsingham.

    Thomas Robinson 23, Walpole, Canada, son of Lawrence and Mary (Phillips) Robinson married 19 Apr 1866 Mary Catherwood 21, Walpole, Canada, daughter of Robert and Susan (Tait). In 1881 they were living in Walpole, Haldimand County and had the following children: Susan 14; Orielia 11; Maggie 5.

    5. Eliza Phillips, born 15 Dec 1823, married James Dixon the 25 Aug 1842 at St. James Parish. In 1851 Eliza and James and their son James were living in Etobicoke with Mary Clock Phillips, Edward Sr. having died in 1840. Also living there was John Phillips, born 1841, the son of Edward Phillips Jr. and his first wife Sarah Nell.

    The 1861 census of the Town of Barrie, Ontario lists James and Eliza and children James, born 1849; Edward, born 1854; Violet (Viola), born 1858 who married Thomas Peter McMorran and Mary Clock Phillips, age 74, born in the USA.

    The 1871 census finds them in Innisfil township, Simcoe County, with additional children Walter, born 1861; and Janet, born 1865 who married Edward George Whitebread and became a music teacher. In 1881 they were in Medonte township, Simcoe County.

    6. George Phillips, born 8 Feb 1826,  married Catherine Shannon 16 Mar 1845 at St. Philips, Etobicoke, the witnesses being James and Eliza Phillips Dixon. The 1861 census of the Town of Caledonia, Haldimand County  lists George as a tavern keeper with children Edward, born 1846; Clara, born 1848; George, born 1850; Robert M., born 1853; George A., born 1854; and Lydia  M. and William H., twins born 1858.

    7. Belinda Phillips, born 1829, married Peter Mallaby, blacksmith, Weston, Ontario,  the 27 May 1844 at St. Phillips, Etobicoke, witnesses being Lawrence and Mary Phillips Robinson.

    They had twelve children: Mary Jane, born 1845; Ann Eliza, born 1846, who married Henry Kearns; William Crewe, born 1849; Emily Caroline, born 1852, who married Thomas Ryan; Peter John, born 1854 who married Margaret Humphreys; Robert James, born 1857; Catherine Louisa, born 1859, who married John Bulger; Edward, born 1861; Elizabeth Augusta, born 1863, who married Peter Kaiser; Arthur Edward, born 1865; Frederick, born 1868  and Alfred, born 1871.

    Peter John Mallaby's life with Margaret Humphreys is recorded in the following newspaper report of their Diamond Wedding Anniversary dated Thursday December 2, 1937.

    Couple Celebrates Diamond Wedding

    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mallaby Receive Congratulations of Friends.

     Just a week ago last Sunday, sixty years has elapsed since the day when the Rev. Johnson, rector of St. Phillips Church, Weston, conducted the ceremony which made Peter Mallaby and Margaret Humphreys man and wife. Peter was then 23 years of age and Margaret 21, so now they are 83 and 81 respectively. For many years they have resided at 348 Clendenan Ave. where they quietly received the congratulations of a host of friends on the diamond jubilee of their happy marriage.

     The Mallabys are among the very oldest members of this community, having come to live fifty-three years ago in the old village of Carlton which merged into the town West Toronto Junction in 1889. Mr. Mallaby was born in Etobicoke Township and Mrs. Mallaby was a native of the Niagara district near Thorold. When small children both were brought by their parents to the village of Weston where they grew up. Mr. Mallaby learned the blacksmith trade and that is why the young couple moved to Carlton for at that time the late John Alfred Bull was in need of a blacksmith. It was before the days of mass production of vehicles. The countryside of Ontario was dotted with shops where all sorts of wagons, buggies, etc. were made and horses of the farmers and villagers were shod. Mr. Bull's establishment was a landmark situated at the north-east corner of what is now St. Clair Ave. and Weston Rd. in the heart of Carlton Village. Mr. Mallaby took charge of the blacksmithing department of Mr. Bull's establishment where he worked for some 20 years. It was during this period that the Mallabys reared their sons and daughters of whom four are still living. In the late nineties, Mr. Mallaby severed his connection with Mr. Bull to accept the position of caretaker of Annette Street School in which he continued until the time of his retirement owing to advancing years. He is widely known and much esteemed in the north end of the old town where he lived so long and annexed an even larger number of friends among the two generations of teachers and thousands of pupils of the school in which he served so long. His appointment was made by the old West Toronto School Board when the building was of 12 rooms and stood close to the Annette St. line with a grove in the rear for a playground. After the annexation of West Toronto, the Board of Education tore down the old building and the trees which grew in its rear and erected the present large school close to Jennings Ave. boundary of the lot utilizing the site of the old building for playground purposes. It was midway in Mr. Mallaby's career as caretaker that these changes were made.

     In religion the Mallabys are Anglicans. Mr. Mallaby is a member of the A.F. & A.M. and also the L.O.L. their friends are legion and the hope that they may be spared to celebrate many recurring anniversaries of their marriage is cherished by all of them.

     Two sons and two daughters are living. They are F.J.M. and P.G. Mallaby and two daughters, the wife of Mr. S.F. Laughton (a son of ex-mayor Peter Laughton) of Edmonton, Alberta and Mrs. G.H. Campbell of this city. Two daughters have died, namely Mrs. J.E.B. Hancock and Mrs. Hunter. Mrs. Hancock is survived by a son and daughter, Allen and Olive. Mrs. Hunter is also survived by a son and a daughter, Donald and Rae. Altogether, Mr. and Mrs. Mallaby have 13 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren.

    8. Daniel Phillips was born about 1830. He married Catherine, born 1831 in Ireland and in 1851 Daniel and Catherine Phillips and their son Charles, born 1851 were living on the same lot in Etobicoke as Mary Clock Phillips and the Dixons.

    The 1871 Census for Seneca township, Haldimand County reveals Daniel and Catherine Phillips living on River Range, lot 39 with Charles; Edward, born 1855; Mary J., born 1857 who married David Henry Meredith; George, born 1859; Daniel, born 1865 and John, born 1867.

    The Caledonia Municipal Cemetery records Margaret Egan, wife of J. Phillips, 1866-1889. Perhaps this is the wife of Daniel's son John, born 1867.

In 1881 Daniel and Catherine Phillips and sons George, Daniel and John were living in the Town of Caladonia.
The 1881 census for Seneca township found Edward,  married to Susan Meredith (married 27 Mar 1878 in Caledonia) and their son Daniel, born 1879. This family is buried in the St. Marys Roman Catholic Cemetery, Woodstock, Ontario along with "Brother, Charles Phillips, died 3 Jan 1904, aged 52 years". They were railroad employees.

9. Rebecca Phillips, the youngest of Edward and Mary Clock Phillips' children was living at home with her mother and the Dixons in 1851.

Rebecca married William David Smith and their children were: Eliza Jane, born 1854, who married George M. Ostrander and lived in Simcoe County; Joseph Walter, born 1857; Cyrenus Baldwin, born 1857; Margaret Octavia, born 1859, who married John Orr and lived in Simcoe County; George Henry, born 1862; Letitia (Emily/Emma), born 1865, married Stephen Leach and lived in Simcoe County; Theodore (Herbert), born 1869 and Violet Clara, born 1871, who married Charles Harvey Preston and lived in Simcoe County

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