Children of Jacob Conrad and Anna Eva Staring Clock (continued)

John (Mary Diver)

John Clock, son of Jacob Conrad Clock, was baptized Mar 1792, at St. Johnsville Reformed Church, St. Johnsville, NY.

He married Mary Diver, daughter of John and Mary Delong Diver, 16 Mar 1815 at St. James Parish. John and Mary Diver Clock are listed in the 1820 and 1830 census of Monroe County, Michigan and appear to have had no children.

Ann (Henry) Phillips

Ann Clock, daughter of Jacob Conrad Clock, married Henry Phillips, born in the United States, brother of Edward Phillips, husband of her sister Mary Clock, at St. James Parish, 11 Feb 1817, one of the witnesses being Mary Clock (probably Mary Diver Clock)

Clanbrassil (Gore) Cemetery, Oneida Twp. Haldimand County:
Nancy Clock beloved wife of Henry Phillips who departed this life 16 Oct 1858 age 66 years 5  months 10 days
Henry P. Phillips died 15 Mar 1863 aged 66 years 6 months

The 1861 Census states that Henry Phillips married during that year to Sarah who was born in Lower Canada.

Henry and Ann (Nancy) Clock Phillips had the following known children:

1. Henry Phillips, 1817 and wife Martha Holbrook Phillips lived close to Henry and Ann Clock Phillips in Oneida township. Henry Pilllips Jr. was described in the Will of Henry Phillips Sr. as "of Ballsville".

Haggersville Union Cemetery, Walpole Twp.:
Henry Phillips, 5 Dec 1817-17 May 1897 and his wife Martha Holbrook, 15 May 1821-1 Mar 1899.

By 1861, Henry and Martha had an adopted daughter Mary Jane, born 1856. This is Mary Jane, born 2 Apr 1856, the daughter of James Phillips and Sarah Ann Kett, who married William Beck and lived in Haggersville, Ontario.

William and Mary Jane Phillips Beck had the following children: Cyrus, born 2 Dec 1886; Muriel, born 2 Apr 1891; Robert, born 17 Mar 1889; Sherman, born 25 Nov 1894.

Henry and Martha also had an adopted son, Harry Grinyer as mentioned in the Will of Henry Phillips Jr.

2. Catherine, baptised 16 Mar 1820, York Twp., one of the sponsors was George Risenburgh. She married Joseph Holbrook son of Jacob Holbrook, of Sommersetshire, England, who died 12 Sep 1848, age 56 and his wife Charlotte (Mapson), died 22 Nov 1868, age 72 yrs 8 months (Gore Cemetery, Oneida Twp.). 

Joseph and Catherine had the following children: 

Charles Holbrook, born 13 Nov 1840, baptized St. James Parish, York Twp., 15 Jan 1842, father Joseph Holbrook, farmer, York township, mother Catherine (daughter of Henry and Ann (Nancy) Clock Phillips). Sponsors were Charles Phillips, John Phillips and Sarah (Sweeney) Phillips.

The 1851 census Oneida Twp. Haldimand Co. reveals three more children: Matilda, born 1842; Mariah, born 1846; Jacob Henry, born 31 May 1849. Another child, Catherine, was born 3 Apr 1853 and died 9 Feb 1855.

Gore Cemetery, Oneida Twp.:
In memory of Catherine, wife of Joseph Holbrook, died 18 Jun 1854, 34 yrs, 8 months, 26 days (20 Sep 1819)

Joseph had two other wives and other children.

3. Charles, born 22 Feb 1823 and baptized 30 Nov 1823, was mentioned in the Will of Henry Phillips Sr.

Charles Phillips and Sarah Sweeney were married at St. James Parish 15 Jan 1842, the witneses being John Phillips and Henry Phillips. They had a son John Henry, born 18 Dec 1842 and baptized 19 Jan 1843 at St. James whose sponsors were Joseph Holbrook, John Phillips and Jane Sweeney.

4. John, born 27 Mar 1825, baptized 5 Feb 1826 whose sponsors were Edward and Ephe (Eve) Phillips.

John Phillips is thought to be the John Phillips, Tavern keeper in Toronto. He and his wife Margaret are listed in the St. James Parish registers as the parents of Sarah Jane, born 20 Jun 1850 and baptized 11 Aug 1850, one of whose sponsors was Charlotte Phillips, perhaps the wife of Edward Phillips Jr., son of Edward and Mary Clock Phillips. John was mentioned in the Will of Henry Phillips Sr.

5. James, born in 1832, was living with Henry and Ann (Nancy) Clock Phillips in the 1851 census of Oneida township, Haldimand County. He died 3 May 1902, Jamestown Township, Ottawa County, Michigan and was mentioned in the Will of Henry Phillips Sr.

Christian Guardian: 5 Jan 1853, James Phillips married Sarah Ann Ketts, Oneida township 

Found in Clanbrassil (Gore) Cemetery, Oneida township, Haldimand County, Sarah A. Kett, wife of James Phillips, died 8 Nov 1856, age 19 y 7 mo 13 d.

The 1880 US census states that James Phillips and his second wife Jane had the following children:
Royal, born 1862, MI; Maria, born 1864, MI; Sherman, born 1867, KS; Laura, born 1870, KS; Minnie, born 1875, MI; Hattie, born1876, MI; Henry, born 1878, MI.

Minnie Weisinhoff, the widow of Sherman Phillips, married Royal Cooper, born 16 Mar 1853 in Hamilton, Ontario, the son of Maria Phillips Cooper, daughter of Henry and Ann (Nancy) Clock Phillips. 

6. Maria was born 20 Oct 1830 and married about 1848/9, in Oneida township, Haldimand County, Eugene Cooper, born 5 Mar 1823 in New York. They migrated to Jamestown Twp., Ottawa County, Michigan. Maria was mentioned in the Will of Henry Phillips Sr. and her son Henry Cooper was to receive Henry Sr.'s watch.

The 1851 and 1861 census, Oneida Twp., Haldimand Co, reveals the following children: Dormon, born 1848; Henry, born 1850; Royal, born 1853; Aramenta, born 1856; Silvenus, born 1858; William, born 1860. All these children born in Canada. The 1880 US census reveals further children: Eugene, born 1862; Nancy, born 1865; Flora, born 1868; Alvin, born 1870. All born in Canada.

7. A George Phillips, born 1846, was living with Henry Phillips and his second wife Sarah in the 1861 census but was not mentioned in the Will of Henry Phillips Sr.

8. Elsey Phillips was mentioned in the Will of Henry Phillips Sr. as one of his children. Elsey witnessed the marriage of Eliza Scarlet Delong, grandaughter of Jacob Conrad Clock, to John Burkholder 10 June 1843.

9. Phillip Phillips, 35, widower, merchant, born Burford, Ontario, residence Toronto, son of Henry and Ann Phillips married Harriet Light, 29, widow, born Kent, England, residence Toronto, daughter of Charles and Jane Moore, 8 Jun 1882. Philip was not mentioned in the Will of Henry Phillips Sr.

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