Children of Jacob Conrad and Anna Eva Staring Clock (continued)

David (Diadema Diver)

David Clock, carpenter, son of Jacob Conrad Clock, who was born in 1797 in New York State.

He married Diadema Diver, daughter of John and Mary (Polly) Delong Diver. Diadema's baptism was at St. James Parish, 13 Mar 1816, at age 16, presumably just before her marriage which has not been found. Her sponsors were: Jacob Clock, Conrad Clock and Nancy Clock.

David and Diadema Diver Clock had the following children:

1. John, baptized at St. James Parish, 16 Jul 1818, whose sponsors were John and Mary Diver Clock.

John Clock married Elizabeth, born about 1826 in Ontario. There has been an extensive genealogy recorded on this family.

This family can be seen first in the 1851 census of York township, York County and then in the Toronto Directory in Vaughan township, York County. 

The following children were born:

Selena, 1840; John Charles, 1842/3; Mary Jane, 1851; Edward, 1854/5; William Francis, 1856; Celestia, 1861; Alfred, about 1862; David, 1862

2. Conrad, baptized at St. James Parish, 10 Jul 1820, whose sponsors were Conrad and Leanny Clock.

3. Aaron, baptized at St. James Parish, born 18 Oct 1822, whose sponsors were Jacob Delong, Steven Anderson and Eliza Scarlet .

4. Jacob, baptized at St. James Parish, born 17 Oct 1823, one of whose sponsors was Jacob Delong.

This is possibly the J. G. Klock who had a boot and shoe store in St. Catherines, Ontario from about 1845 to at least 1855.

5. Daniel, baptized at St. James Parish, born 13 Oct 1825.

David and Diadema Diver Clock had other children namely:
Joseph, Mary, Eliza, Margaret and Elijah, as listed in "unplaced Clocks" in HLC William's Klock/Clock Genealogy.

After David died in Toronto in 1846, Diadema and family went to Monroe County, Michigan, where her mother and father had been since 1830.

The 1880 census of Dundee, Monroe County, Michigan, records Elijah Clock, 41, born in Canada and his wife Naomi L. Clock, 25, born in Michigan. With them were sons Liberty, 7; Freeman, 5; Ellsworth, 3 and Sherman 1. In this same census in Exeter, Monroe County, Michigan Diadema Clock, age 91 was living with the family of Joseph Drewyear.

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