The Family of #3 James Short (continued)

2. James Short, 1808 - 28 Nov 1879 was a Police Constable in Ireland.
His police service records record the following:
Name: Short, James
Age when appointed: 27
Height: 5' 7"
Native Country: Monaghan
Religion: P
If married, dates: 27 Sep 1848
Native Country of wife: Monaghan
Recommended (by) : H. Swanzy Esq. J.P.
Trade or calling: labourer
Date of Appointment: 1 Feb 1836
Allocation in order of service: Monaghan, Antrim, Monaghan
Promotions/reductions: P.1.S.C., 1 Oct 1837; R.2.S.C., 1 Jul 1839; P.1.S.C., 1 Jul 1840; R.2.S.C., 23 Jul 1841; P.1.S.C., 1 Oct 1842
Pension: 10 Mar 1869
Total Service: 33 Years
Pension: £27
James Short married Sarah Dorrity:
Civil Certificate, 27 Sep 1848, entry #16
Marriage solemnized at Drum Church, Parish of Currin, County Monaghan
James Short, full age, Police Constable, Drum, son of James Short, farmer
Sarah Dorrity, spinster, full age, Drum, Daughter of Thomas Dorrity, farmer
Signed James Short and Sarah Dorrity
Witnesses Thomas Dorrity and Timothy Connor
James Short and Sarah Dorrity had the following children:
Recorded in the baptismal records of the Parish of Tydavnet, Scotstown:

1. Thomas Short, birth at the Police Barracks, 29 Mar 1849, baptized 13 May 1849. See below.
2. Jane Short, birth at the Police Barracks, 30 Aug 1850, baptized 08 Sep 1850
3. Eliza Short, birth at Scotstown, 05 Aug 1856, baptized 17 Aug 1856 
    Lizzie Short, Scotstown m William Bensson, school teacher, Scotstown, 1882
4. Mary Anne Short, birth at Scotstown, 26 Jul 1862, baptized 17 Aug 1862
5. John Thomas Shortt, birth at Bough, Scotstown, 05 Feb 1865, baptized 26 Mar 1865
6. Lydia Shortt, birth at Bough, Scotstown, 17 Mar 1871, baptized 23 Apr 1871

James, "the son of my brother James" mentioned in John Short's Will was not found in the above records of baptisms. It is thought that Thomas, above, born 29 Mar 1849, is the same person as the burial record, below, of James, Mullaghfad, 12 Apr 1904. The photo of Thomas, below has written on the back "James". 
Recorded in the burial records of the Parish of Tydavnet, Scotstown:

James Shortt, Scotstown, 30 Nov 1879, age 77
Sarah Short, Scotstown, 18 Jan 1885, age 52
Lydia Short, Belfast, 18 Apr 1888, age 17
James Short, Mullaghfad, 12 Apr 1904, age 55

1. Thomas Shortt, (he spelled the name with 2 "T"s), son of James Short and Sarah Dorrity, born in 1849 at the Police Barracks, died 10 Apr 1904, Mullaghfad, County Fermanagh, became a school teacher. He married, on 17 Aug. 1876, Parish of Aughnamullen West, County Monaghan, Margaret Jane McIlroy, daughter of William McE/McIlroy, born in 1840 and Sarah Parker, born in 1841. Margaret Jane died 19 Jun 1915 in Belfast.

Thomas and Margaret Jane McElroy Shortt
Thomas Shortt and Margaret Jane McElroy had the following children:
1. Thomas Dorrington Shortt, born 29 May 1879 in Mullinagore, County Monaghan, died 23 Oct 1914, in Newbridge Barracks after a fall. He was a gunner in the M.F.A.
In 1912 at Loughmourne Presbyterian Church, Thomas Dorrington Shortt, farmer, Mulinagore, Aughnamulen, s/o Thomas Shortt, farmer, married  Mary E. Harris, widow, Ullinagh, Aughnamulen, d/o Thomas Irwin, tailor. Witnesses: James H Stewart and  Sarah E Nesbitt

Baptised: 22nd June 1913, Dorrington Shortt, son of Thomas Shortt and M.E. Erwin (Mary E. Irwin Harris  Shortt) of Ullinagh.

2. Josephine Shortt, born 6 May 1881, Arva, County Cavan,  died 11 Oct. 1969 in
Cleveland, Ohio, USA.  She married 1) Harry Douglas and 2) Hugh Butler. No children.

3. John Frederick Shortt,  born 7 Sept. 1882, Arva, County Cavan,  died 20 May 1959 in
North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada. There were 2 children, John and Kathleen.

4. Robert James Shortt,  born 26 May 1884, died 18 Feb. 1964 in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. No children.

5. Mary Florence, Shortt  born 18 Feb. 1885, Arva, County Cavan,  died 5 Aug 1922 in
Belfast.  Her married name was Lutton.

6. Walter Shortt, took the middle name Humphrey after a family with which he was
acquainted,  born 10 Sept. 1890 in Fenagh, County Carlow,  died 8 August 1972 in Belfast. One child, Trevor.

7. Margaret Louise Shortt, born 2 March 1893, in Mullaghfad, County Fermanagh.

8. Sarah Elizabeth Shortt, born 16 May 1895, Mullaghfad, died 28 Nov. 1997 in Port St. Lucie, Florida, USA.  She married 1) William John Lilley, born 16 May 1895, Castledawson, Northern Ireland and 2) Malcolm McLean. There were two children, Maureen and Victor.

9. George Alfred Shortt, born 28 June 1897, in Mullaghfad. He joined the British navy and served on numerous ships from 10 Oct 1915 to 20 Sept 1920 when he joined the newly formed New Zealand navy. He married in 1950 and died in 1986 at Christchurch, New Zealand. 

10. William Benjamin Shortt, born 2 Feb. 1900, in Mullaghfad.

11. Lydia Shortt, born 8 Jan 1903, in Mullaghfad,  died 23 July 1994 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She married Francis Ernest Richens. There were two children.

12. Cecil Shortt, born 28 Aug. 1904, in Mullaghfad, died in 1928 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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