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The UWO Descartes Research Group is a collection of scholars and philosophers with an interest in Descartes and seventeenth-century philosophy generally. We meet biweekly to critically discuss recent scholarship on Descartes and Cartesianism. If you are interested in becoming a member, or participating in any of our meetings, please contact the director of the group, Benjamin Hill, at the following address (
DRG Members/Mechanism Members
DRG members:
    • Alain Ducharme   
    • Benjamin Hill  
    • Christopher Smeenk   
    • Corey Dyck   
    • Gerry Callaghan   
    • Henrik Lagerlund   
    • John Nicholas  
    • Julie Walsh
    • Karen Nielsen
    • Patrick Clipsham   
    • Sean Coughlin   
    • Andrew Stumpf (Waterloo)  
    • Bill Abbott (Waterloo)  
    • Doreen Fraser (Waterloo)   
    • Nick Zunic (Waterloo)  
    • Richard Holmes (Waterloo)   
    • Shannon Dea (Waterloo)   
    • Erik Åkerlund