Pagenkopf Research Group

New Synthetic methods, total synthesis and silole based materials

Pagenkopf Group Research Overview

Research in the Pagenkopf group broadly covers three areas of research: natural product total synthesis, development of new synthetic methods, and silole based materials.  Recently completed total syntheses include bullatacin (see full publications list, publication 30), aplysiallene (34) and goniomitine (38). New synthetic methods developed within the group include alkynylations of quaternary epoxides (17), reactions of donor-acceptor cyclopropanes (see our review) to prepare hetereocycles including pyrroles (19) and substituted indoles (33). We also use modern synthetic methods to prepare novel materials based on the silole chromophore, including dissymmetric siloles (23) and siloles with unusually high photo luminescent quantum efficiencies (27).  Our work on siloles is becoming highly interdisciplinary, and current collaborative projects include work on electrogenerated chemiluminescence, organic photovoltaic devices and molecular sensors.

The University of Western Ontario

Chemistry Department

London, Ontario, N6A 5B7   Canada