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Joanne Tang

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I started working in the Sinclair lab all the way back in 2015, where I was originally a volunteer fly food cook (and occasional cricket wrangler). Later on as a work study student, I became a full-time fly wrangler—where the little critters and my own curiosity about biological research had me coming back for more. Thankfully Dr. Sinclair was kind enough to take me on as a Honours thesis student starting this fall.

My Honours thesis focuses on how gut-associated yeasts affect desiccation resistance in Drosophila melanogaster. Even though there are many studies investigating how microbiota affect insect physiology—few of these focus on the desiccation resistance phenotype and even less on yeasts residents of the microbiota. My thesis will supplement Yanira's efforts in investigating the relationship between the host Drosophila and its yeast symbionts.

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 Joanne has worked so hard there are no knees left in her jeans.