Science Sue

If Sue isn’t playing soccer, she’s perfecting her tennis serve or skating circles around the boys at the hockey rink. But there’s one thing that’s certain -- she isn’t sitting still. Blonde, blue-eyed, and bubbly, eleven-year old Sue has more energy than a power plant. And when that energy is combined with her insatiable curiosity, the results are usually -- well, let’s just say they’re interesting. Look before you leap is definitely not Sue’s motto.

Science Cindy

Her mother is British; her father is Japanese, so according to Cindy, she and her sisters are Jap-English. It’s a logical conclusion, and if there’s one thing that thirteen-year old Cindy is – it’s logical. She’s also a computer wizard and the Science Squad’s technology expert. She may be quieter than a mouse most of the time, but when she does have something to say, everyone listens.

Science Cecilia

Though she is often told she looks like Jennifer Lopez, fifteen-year old Cecilia has no plans to be a rock star. Instead, she hopes to become an archaeologist one day and supervise a dig in her native country of Mexico. Until then though, she spends most of her time digging her younger Science Squad friends out of trouble. Practical and down-to-earth, Cecilia does her best to keep the other girls on track.

Science Cherie

When the first city is built on another planet, thirteen-year old Cherie intends to be the civil engineer who designs it. Good-natured, with a ready smile, Cherie is the only one of the Science Squad who even attempts to keep up with Sue. But then she’s had practice. The two have been friends for eight years, ever since Cherie’s family emigrated from Jamaica and moved next door.

Science Shenya

Though she is the youngest member of the Science Squad, ten-year old Shenya keeps the rest of the group on their toes. Not only is she a walking trivia trove, but she is also a collector of everything, and her pockets are a veritable cornucopia of useful ‘stuff’. These two characteristics make her a handy person to have around. After all, you never know when you’re going to need a fish hook or the area code for Nunavut.

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