Experiments and Engineering Activities!!!

Funny Putty!

Funny Putty is elastic. That means it can bounce and stretch. Funny putty can also pick up print from the newpaper. Many substances are elastic: rubber, chewing gum, taffy, etc. It's fun to experiment with elastic substances to find out what they can do. You can make Funny Putty for fun, or give it to a friend as a gift! How many things can you find to do with it?



  • Mix the white glue and liquid starch together in the mixing bowl.
  • Set it aside overnight.
  • Divide the dough into small amounts.
  • Experiment with the Funny Putty. Write down a list of everything the dough can do (bounce, stretch, roll, lift ink from paper etc.).
  • Store your balls of Funny Putty in baby food jars. Make sure the lids are on tight so they don't dry out!


Try mixing different quantities of liquid starch and white glue. What happens? Experiment and see what quantities you like best.

Reproduced with permission from 1988 Educational Insights, Kitchen Science, #27.