Picture Perfect

Below are 2 pictures of Professor Hootie from inside the CAGIS clubhouse. Professor Hootie is a Short-Eared Owl. She has a wealth of knowledge, and has made her new home the CAGIS clubhouse. Professor Hootie posts something new of interest regularly in her section in the CAGIS clubhouse. Sometimes it is Did You Know facts; sometimes it is articles about current scientific news.

We took a picture of Professor Hootie. The picture we took is on the left. We then changed 10 things in the picture, which you can see on the right.

Can you see the 10 differences between these 2 pictures?

Perfect Picture         Changed Picture



  • Professor Hootie's eyes have changed colour!
  • Some of the sky in the top right corner has been covered up by the tree.
  • The branch Professor Hootie is sitting on has gotten longer.
  • The tassle on Professor Hootie's Graduation cap has dissapeared!
  • Windy, the Teddy Bear sneaked into the corner of the second picture.
  • Professor Hootie's claws have gotten shorter.
  • There is a nail in each corner of the window frame.
  • The apples have gotten shinier.
  • The bottom of Professor Hootie's diploma is missing.
  • There is an extra apple.

To join Professor Hootie inside the clubhouse, join CAGIS, and you will get a secret password for the clubhouse and all of it's activities.