Musical Chairs

Science Squad

Science squad members from left to right: Cindy, Cecilia, Sue, Cherie, and Shenya

Members of the CAGIS Science Squad are trying to figure out how to seat themselves while visiting a Burnaby CAGIS chapter event. Laura, the Burnaby chapter co-ordinator decides to help. She made a seating plan, but forgot it at home! From what she can remember:

Cindy was not sitting next to Sue,
Cecilia was not next to Cherie or Sue,
Sue and Cecilia weren't next to Shenya.
Cherie sat on Shenya's left.

As you look at them from the opposite side of the table, can you correctly guess how Laura planned the seating of the science squad members at her event?

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Answer: Cecilia, Cindy, Shenya, Cherie, and Sue.