About the Speaker

Angelica Nuzzo is Professor of Philosophy at the Graduate Center and Brooklyn College (City University of New York). She has received a Mellon Fellowship at the Center for the Humanities, CUNY, Graduate Center (2007—2008), an Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship (2005—2006), and been a Fellow at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies at Harvard (2000—2001).

In the last few years, Nuzzo has published two monographs on Kant. Kant and the Unity of Reason (Purdue University Press, 2005) is a work dedicated to the Critique of Judgment and Ideal Embodiment. Kant's Theory of Sensibility (Indiana University Press, 2008) follows the development of what she calls "transcendental embodiment" in the three Critiques, namely, in the entire articulation of Kant's transcendental philosophy.

The discovery of an embodied dimension in Kant's philosophy has been an exciting discovery that disclosed a wide field of inquiry, and Nuzzo is presently engaged in a continuation of the project of the second book, looking at the application of the principles of transcendental philosophy in Kant's ethics and anthropology. More generally, however, she is interested in all that concerns the three Critiques. Historically she is interested in Kant’s ‘solution’ to the mind-body problem that so pre-occupied modern philosophy and which also opens the path for the successive (so-called) distortions and appropriations of his transcendental philosophy.

Among her other publications are two volumes on Hegel (Logica e sistema, 1996; Rappresentazione e concetto nella logica della Filosofia del diritto, 1990), and the monograph System (2003). Her numerous essays on German Idealism, modern philosophy, and theory of translation appear in such journals as the Journal of the History of Philosophy, Metaphilosophy, Journal of Philosophy and Social Criticism, Kant Yearbook, Hegel Studien, and Fichte Studien.

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