About the Conference

Women Intellectuals in 18th Century Germany will bring together an interdisciplinary and international group of scholars with the principal aim of detailing the rich philosophical contributions by German women intellectuals in this period. The conference will feature presentations by a variety of experts in the history of 18th century German philosophy, language, and culture, drawn from institutions in Canada, the US, Germany, Austria, Italy, and France. At a time when contributions by women in the history of philosophy (such as Émilie du Châtelet, Margaret Cavendish, and Anne Conway) are generating unprecedented scholarly interest, this conference will shed light on the distinctive but no less important contributions of women to the philosophical scene in Germany and thereby bring more general scholarly attention to the philosophical works and legacy of women in this period.

Conference Programme
  1. Stefanie Buchenau Paris VIII Johanna Charlotte Unzer, between aesthetics, popular philosophy and anthropology
  2. Corey W. Dyck Western Pietism and the Advancement of Women in Early 18th Century Germany
  3. Ruth Hagengruber Paderborn Luise Gottsched’s Role in the ‘High Noon of German Rationalism’
  4. Christian Leduc Université de Montréal Physical Influence against Pre-established Harmony: the Correspondence between Sophie of Hannover and Leibniz
  5. Robert Louden Southern Maine A Mere ‘Skeleton of the Sciences?’ Amalia Holst's Critique of Basedow and Campe
  6. Lydia Moland Colby College On Germans and Other Idealists: Madame de Staël and the Roots of American Abolitionism
  7. Anne Pollok South Carolina On self-formation without model: Henriette Herz, Bettina von Arnim, Dorothea Schlegel
  8. Bernhard Ritter Klagenfurt Solace or Counsel for Death: Kant and Maria von Herbert
  9. Paola Rumore Turin Wilhelmine of Bayreuth and the German Enlightenment
  10. Brigitte Sassen McMaster Dorothea Schlegel—Correspondent
  11. Reed Winegar Fordham Elise Reimarus: Morality, Politics, Religion
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Please notify the principal organizer (Corey W. Dyck) if you’re planning to attend the conference. There are no registration fees and attendance is open to the public.