Conference Presentations from 1998-2002

Whose Rationality? Mental Competence and the Courts. Expert Evidence: Causation, Proof and Presentation. International Institute of Forensic Studies, Monash University. Prato, Italy, July 3, 2002

Value and Rationality in the Assessment of Decisional Capacity. International Association of Law and Psychiatry, Amsterdam, July 12, 2002.

Whose Agency? Canadian Bioethics Society, October, 11-14, Winnipeg, Manitoba. [Presented at a Workshop on Moral Agency and Addiction organized by Carolyn McLeod, Department of Philosophy, University of Tennessee at Knoxville.]

The Natural Kind Status of Emotion. Philosophy and the Emotions Conference July 11-13, 2001, Royal Institute of Philosophy Series, Centre for Philosophy, University of Manchester, England.

Ethical Aspects of Heroin Prescription, International Academy of Law and Psychiatry, Siena, Italy, July 9-15, 2000.

Should Heroin be Prescribed to Treat Heroin Addiction? Canadian Bioethics Society. Edmonton, Alberta, October 29, 1999.

Mental Competence and Emotion: Ethical and Empirical Considerations’. XXIV Congress on Law and Mental Health, International Academy of Law and Mental Health, June 18, 1999. Toronto, Ontario.

The Problem of Normativity in the Assessment of Decision-Making Capacity. 27th International Conference on Value Inquiry, Warrensburg, Missouri,, USA, April, 1999.

The Exclusion of Emotion From Mental Competence. Canadian Bioethics Society, Toronto, Ontario, October, 1998.