Invited Presentations from 1999-2002

Moral Therapy and the Personality Disorders, Biomedical Ethics Unit, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University, September 27, 2002.

‘Le prélèvement d’organes sur donneurs vivants’, Round Table discussion with individual presentations by Louis C. Charland, Dr. Francois Moisimann, Chief of Surgery, Sherbrooke Medical Centre, and Dr. Dominique Sprumont, Institut de Droit de la Santé et du Droit Publique, Université de Neufchatel et Université de Fribourg, Professeur invite a la Faculté de Droit de l’université de Montreal, September 26, 2002.

‘President’s Symposium’, organized by Robert Solomon, President, International Society for Research on Emotion. Topic: “Emotion” as a Theoretical Category. Panel discussion to open the XII Conference. International Society for Research on Emotion, Cuenca, Spain, July 20, 2002.

Emotion et Consentment (In French). Invited presentation. Fribourg, Switzerland, Sponsored by the Ministry of Health of the Canton of Fribourg, Institute of Health Law at the University of Neufchatel, and Marseens Cantonal Psychiatric Hospital, July 8, 2002.

Commentator on ‘Droit au suicide assiste et a l’euthanasie volontaire’ by Christine Tappolet. Canadian Philosophical Society. Toronto May 26, 2002.

Consenting to Heroin Prescription. University of Wales College of Medicine. Bangor, North Wales, July 22, 2001.

Symposium on Emotions and Value. Canadian Philosophical Association Annual Meeting, Quebec, May 24-27, 2001.

Risky Business: Exploring Our Response To Consent/Capacity Choices of the Elderly At Risk. Symposium held by Southwestern Ontario Regional Geriatric Program, Parkwood Hospital, London Ontario, April 19, 2001.

Methodological and Ethical Issues in Addiction Research (Workshop), Clinical Trials Research Group, Biomedical Ethics Unit, McGill University, February 19, 2001.

Consenting to Heroin Prescription, Department of Philosophy, Concordia University, February 16, 2001.

Heroin Prescription and Mental Competence, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University, February 15, 2001.

Substitute Decision Making and the Sterilization of the Mentally Handicapped. University of Zurich Ethics Centre, July 7, 2000.

Competence, Addiction, and Emotion. Invited presentation for the Joint Centre for Bioethics, University of Toronto, November 17, 1999.

Ethical Aspects of Heroin Prescription. Canadian Medical Society on Addiction, Montreal, Quebec, October 16, 1999

Mental Competence and Emotion. Grand Rounds. Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. (Formerly The Clarke Institute of Psychiatry). June 11, 1999.

Mental Competence. Bioethics Education Committee, St. Joseph's Health Centre (Contact: Deb Miller, Chairperson). April 9, 1999.