J.B. Stothers NMR Facility
Department of Chemistry
Western University
London, Ontario, Canada
Facility Overview
The NMR facility in the Department of Chemistry at the Western University consists of 4 rooms:

MSA 0216A
Wet lab for sample preparation.

MSA 0216B
Spectrometer room holding four NMR spectrometers. For more information about the spectrometers, go to the instrumentation page.
In addition, two offline computers are available for processing NMR spectra. One can be used to process NMR spectra using Varian's VNMRJ software, while the other has ACD Labs for processing.

MSA 0216C
Office used for storage and by NMR facility staff, TAs or Work Study students.

MSA 0216D
Office of the NMR facility manager.

Wet Lab (MSA 0216A)
  • The wet lab is available to any user of the NMR facility and always remains open.
  • The fume-hood can be used for preparing NMR samples, adding additional solvent to a prepared NMR sample, or adding a reagant to a prepared NMR sample.
  • Safety glasses, nitrile gloves, Pasteur pipettes and Pasteur pipette bulbs are all stored within the wet lab and are free to be used. Please dispose of used pipettes in the glass container and gloves in the garbage.
  • Users of the solid-state NMR spectrometer use the wet lab for packing and unpacking NMR rotors.
The left-side of the wet-lab.
The right-side of the wet-lab.
Spectrometer Room (MSA 0216B)
  • Houses the four Varian NMR spectrometers.
  • Offline computers for data processing.
View from the back of the NMR facility. On the left is the Mercury 400 and on the right is the Inova 600.
View from the back of the NMR facility. In the back is the Infinity Plus 400 and on the right is the Inova 400. The offline computers are visible in the foreground.