J.B. Stothers NMR Facility
Department of Chemistry
Western University
London, Ontario, Canada

Manufacturers of NMR Solvents and Isotopically Labeled Compounds

Cambridge Isotope Laboratories (CIL)
Based out of Maryland, USA, this company has a large selection of deuterated solvents and numerous isotopically labeled compounds.

Sigma-Aldrich Canada

The Canadian wing of the chemical giant is based out of Milton, Ontario, meaning no duty for orders within Canada. Just like CIL, its main competitor, this company has a large selection of deuterated solvents and numerous isotopically labeled compounds.

Liquids NMR Tube Manufacturers


Aside from a large selection of standard NMR tubes, Wilmad also sells a wide variety of specialized NMR tubes, liquids NMR accessories, as well as some accessories for solid-state NMR. Select Wilmad products are carried by Sigma-Aldrich Canada.

Norell, Inc

A solid selection of standard and specialty NMR tubes, plus a selection of commonly used deuterated solvents. Norell NMR tubes can also be purchased from CIL.

New Era Enterprises, Inc.

A large selection of standard NMR tubes, specialty NMR tubes and other accessories for liquids NMR. In Canada, New Era tubes are supplied by ACP Chemicals.

Liquids NMR Tube Suppliers

ACP Chemicals, Inc.
Canadian suppliers for the entire New Era Enterprises product line, which includes NMR tubes and other accessories for liquids NMR.

A European supplier that also ships to Canada. Carries some of the more commonly used Wilmad and New Era NMR tubes. In addition, sells deuterated solvents, isotopically labeled compounds, accessories for Bruker liquids spectrometers, plus Bruker solid-state NMR rotors and accessories. Does not carry any Agilent (Varian, Inc) products.

Sigma-Aldrich Canada
Carries some of the more commonly used Wilmad and New Era NMR tubes. In addition, sells deuterated solvents, isotopically labeled compounds, accessories for Bruker liquids spectrometers, plus Bruker solid-state NMR rotors and accessories. Does not carry any Agilent (Varian, Inc) products.

Cambridge Isotope Laboratories
Carries some of the more commonly used Norell NMR tubes. Has a large selection of deuterated solvents and isotopically labeled compounds.

Manufacturers of Solid-State NMR Consumables

Bruker Biospin

Agilents main competitor for the solid-state NMR pie in North America. Bruker sells all manner of solid-state NMR product for their own spectrometers.


Carries a selection of rotors for Bruker solid-state NMR spectrometers, but nothing for Agilent.

Revolution NMR

Founded by a few guys from the now defunct Chemagnetics company, Revolution NMR provides rotors and parts for Agilent solid-state NMR probes. Will also perform Agilent probe repairs and sells their own specialty solids NMR probes.


Carries a selection of rotors for Bruker, Agilent and Doty solid-state NMR probes. While they carry a full line of Bruker products, the selection of Agilent rotors is limited to 5.0mm and 7.0mm sizes only.

NMR Spectrometer Manufacturers

Agilent Technologies (formerly Varian, Inc.)
Sadly, Agilent closed its NMR business in 2014, but still provides support for existing Agilent/Varian spectrometers.

Bruker Biospin
The Canadian office is located in Milton, Ontario, while the world headquarters are in Germany. Bruker is currently the main NMR manufacturer in the world, producing both liquids and solids NMR spectrometers. Manufactured the solids 900 in Ottawa, Ontario.

JEOL is a Japanese NMR manufacturer who is attempting to strengthen its presence within the North American market in the wake of Agilent's departure from the NMR world. Manufactures both liquids and solids spectrometers and probes.

NMR Software

ACD Labs
Third-party software capable of processing 1D and 2D NMR spectra on PCs computers. Also has a NMR spectra prediction software.

Acorn NUTS

NMR software that can process 1D and 2D NMR spectra on both PCs and Macs. Utilizes 2-letter codes and sub-routines. Although not overly user friendly, is very good once the user is comfortable.


JEOL's NMR software runs on both PCs and Macs. Free for download for those interested.


NMR software specifically developed for processing 1D and 2D NMR spectra using a MAC.


Excellent NMR software for PCs, LINUX and Macs. Can handle 1D and 2D NMR spectra. Full featured and versatile.


An invaluable tool for NMR researchers. SIMPSON is a numerical simulation software used to simulate spectra based on chosen spin-systems, pulse sequences, etc. Although not user friendly, the SIMPSON community is very good at providing help when necessary.

Spin Evolution

Developed by Bob Griffin's group at MIT, Spin Evolution is another numerical simulation software package. More user friendly than SIMPSON and has a good instruction manual.

NMR Notebook
by NMRtec
NMR software package capable of processing 1D and 2D NMR spectra. Can be utilized on MACs, PCs and LINUX.

Top Spin

Bruker's NMR software used to operate both their liquids and solid-state NMR spectrometers, as well as for data processing.

Agilent's NMR software used to operate both their liquids and solid-state NMR spectrometers, as well as for data processing. Vastly improved over the previous generation of VNMR software packages.

Chemistry NMR Conferences

Alpine Conference on Solid-State NMR

Solid-state NMR conference in the middle of the French alps. Usually takes place in early autumn, which is unfortunately before the best ski months.

Rocky Mountain Conference on Solid-State NMR

The largest solid-state NMR conference in North America. The location has veried somewhat in the last few years, but is always somewhere (as the name would suggest) in the Rocky mountains of USA. Typically takes place in late July or early August.

Experimental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Conference (ENC)

The NMR conference in North America. A multi-day buffet of top-notch speakers, food and beverages. Alternates between California and Florida, usually taking place in mid-April.

EUROMAR Magnetic Resonance Meeting

A large conference covering all areas of magnetic resonance: liquids NMR, solids NMR, ESR, and imaging. Takes place in August.

SMASH (Small Molecule NMR Conference)

A biannual conference obviously focusing on the NMR of small molecules. Also takes place in the French Alps and also takes place in early Autumn.

Magnetic Resonance Gordon Research Conference
The Gordon conference dedicated to the topics of magnetic resonance, with the emphasis being NMR. Various locations and topics.

NMR Information and Blogs

Glenn Facey's NMR Blog

The University of Ottawa's NMR Facility Manager's NMR blog is always a great read.

Prof. Joseph Hornak's Online NMR Book

Very good website giving a good overview of the most important aspects of liquids NMR.

Agilent's Spinsights

Agilent's magnetic resonance site is a great place to find tips and to get help with trouble-shooting Varian/Agilent spectrometers. For Agilent/Varian customers only and requires an account.

Canadian NMR User Facilities

National High-Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Centre (NANUC)

NANUC is located on the University of Alberta campus in Edmonton. Liquids NMR experiments are performed on the centre's Varian 800 NMR spectrometer.

National Ultra-High NMR Facility for Solids

The wide-bore Bruker 900 NMR spectrometer is only one of a handful of its size in the world and is used for solid-state NMR experiments. The facility is located at the NRC in Ottawa, Ontario and is expertly run by Victor Terkish.

Quebec/Eastern Canada High Field NMR Facility (QANUC)

Located on the campus of McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, this facility has Varian 500 and 800 NMR spectrometers available to users wishing to perform liquids NMR experiments.

Canadian Chemistry NMR Facilities

Dalhousie University (NMR-3)

Located out east in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Dalhousie's NMR facility consists of 4 Bruker liquids NMR spectrometers, which range in strength from a 700 down to a 250. In addition, they have a Bruker 700 and 400 dedicated to studying solids.

Guelph University
Just about an hour's drive north of us is Guelph's NMR facility, which houses a 300, 400, 500, 2 600s and an 800 NMR spectrometer. The 500 is capable of performing both liquid and solid-state NMR experiments.

McGill University
One of the few other NMR facilities in Canada that utilizes Varian NMR spectrometers. Located in lovely Montreal, Quebec, McGill's NMR facility has 4 liquid-state and 2 solid-state NMR spectrometers for use.

McMaster University
McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario has a large NMR facility that houses 7 Bruker NMR spectrometers, ranging from a 200 to a 700. Select spectrometers are capable of performing solids NMR experiments as well.

Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario's Queen's University has a Bruker 600, 500, 400 and 300 for liquid-state NMR. Solid-state NMR experiments can be performed on the 600 as well.

Simon Fraser University
Those lucky enough and wealthy enough to live in Vancouver, BC can utilize SFU's NMR facility, which houses 2 Brukers 600s, a 500, and 2 400s for liquid-state NMR. One of the 400s is capable of performing solid-state NMR experiments as well as imaging experiments.

University of Alberta
Currently run by Ryan McKay and NMR master Mark Miskolzie, the university of my PhD houses 8 liquid-state Varian NMR spectrometers, ranging in strengths from 300 to 700. Solid-state NMR experiments are performed in the research group of Prof. Roderick Wasylishen. His group has a Bruker 500 and 300, as well as an old Varian/Chemagnetics 200.

University of British Columbia
UBC's Chemistry NMR facility consists of a Bruker 300, two 400s, and a 600 with three staff members to aid the users.

University of Manitoba

In the hometown of the newly re-established Winnipeg Jets, the University of Manitoba's NMR facility is a rare one that has a mixture of Varian/Agilent and Bruker NMR spectrometers, housing a Bruker 500, 400, and 300 plus a Varian 600.

University of Ottawa
Just a few hundred kilometres north of us, in our nation's capital city you can find the NMR facility run by master NMR blogger Glenn Facey. His facility is well stocked with a Bruker 500 used for solids, liquids and microimaging, a Varian 500 for liquids, a Bruker 400 for liquids, a Bruker 400 for solids, three Brukers 300s for liquids and a solids dedicated Bruker 200.

University of Toronto
One of the other Varian dominated NMR facilities in Canada, the country's largest university has 6 liquids NMR spectrometers in the facility run by Tim Burrows and Darcy Burns. The facility also houses a Bruker 200 for doing solids experiments.

University of Waterloo
Waterloo's NMR facility has a Bruker 600, Bruker 500, and two Bruker 300s. The 600 and 500 are capable of performing both solids and liquids NMR experiments.

University of Windsor
Canada's southernmost university, the University of Windsor's NMR facility is currently run by former Western PhD student Matthew Revington. This facility houses a Bruker 500, and three Bruker 300s. In Prof. Rob Schurko's lab, there is a dedicated solids Varian 400 as well.