LIS 504 - Sample quiz

The following questions are from a quiz used in LIS 504 in the Winter, 2000, term. The first group of questions (1-7) corresponds to material covered in the first three weeks. Click on the ""s to see examples of correct answers.
  1. After a publicity campaign on a new Web-based interface to a library catalog, the number of hits on the library's Web site increases significantly. Ignoring the possibility that something other than the publicity campaign was responsible for the increase would be an example of the fallacy. (1 point)
  2. Making inferences from general laws to specific cases is referred to as reasoning. (1 point)
  3. Concluding that library users who like book A will also like book B because a particular library user who likes book A also likes book B would be an example of the fallacy if in fact the user is atypical of those who like book A and very few of them like book B. (1 point)
  4. For what kinds of scales would the standard deviation not be a suitable measure of dispersion? (2 points)

  5. For a study of web page design, a researcher selects the Web pages that happen to be in the cache of her computer on a given day. This type of sampling may be categorized as . (1 point)
  6. What is construct validity? (1 point)
  7. Suggest an operational definition corresponding to the following nominal definition (2 points):
    A string of words that characterizes the information that the user seeks.

  8. What are the differences between a panel study and a focus group? (2 points)
  9. What is an example of a procedure designed to ensure anonymity in a questionnaire survey? (1 point)
  10. In dealing with questionnaire responses, what is a floater?
    (1 point)
  11. Accepting the null hypothesis when it is false is referred to as a(n) error. (1 point)
  12. A sample of library users are asked whether they prefer a new interface to the library catalogue or the old one. Of those expressing a preference, 60 say they prefer the new interface and 50 say they preferred the old one. A suitable common statistical test to see whether the greater number preferring the new interface is statistically significant is the test. (1 point)
  13. What are two types of documents that might commonly pass from a referee to the editor of a refereed journal? (2 points)
  14. What is likely to be the main source of bias if a respondent is presented with the item on the right in a Web-based questionnaire? (1 point)
  15. What are two common characteristics of research literature which enable it to be distinguished from popular literature? (2 points)


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