Faculty of Information and Media Studies
MLIS Exit Focus Group
1999 April

Tim Craven, Graduate Chair, and Lynne McKechnie, Chair of the MLIS Program Committee, held the exit focus group meeting with four MLIS students at noon on Wednesday, April 14, 1999. The following is a summary of the students' comments in response to the various parts of the outcome objective of the MLIS Program.

a. demonstrate an awareness of professional values and standards

b. respond to change in a spirit of intellectual inquiry, forming sound opinions based on critical analysis of valid and reliable data

c. identify, select, acquire, organize, describe, and provide access to recorded information in a variety of formats

d. identify needs of particular user groups and develop collections and services to meet these needs

e. employ appropriate technologies in library and information applications

f. communicate and work cooperatively and effectively with others, including users, colleagues, employers, and members of the community

g. apply basic principles and techniques of research in problem-solving in library and information fields

h. apply contemporary management principles

Is there anything else you can tell us that would help us evaluate the success of the MLIS program in achieving its objectives?

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