LIS 505 - Disk drives


Interface Factor IDE/ATA SCSI
Cost Low Moderate to high
Performance High for single devices or single tasking, moderate to low for multiple devices or multitasking High in most situations
Ease of Configuration and Use High for small number of devices, moderate for large number of devices Low to moderate for both small and large numbers of devices
Expansion and Number of Devices Moderate High
Device Type Support Moderate High
Device Availability and Selection High Moderate
Software / Operating System Compatibility High Moderate to high
System Resource Usage Moderate to poor Good
Support for non-PC Platforms Moderate Good



Used For Floppies and very small hard disk volumes Small to moderate-sized hard disk volumes Medium-sized to very large hard disk volumes
Size of Each FAT Entry 12 bits 16 bits 28 bits
Maximum Number of Clusters 4,086 65,526 ~268,435,456
Cluster Size Used 0.5 KB to 4 KB 2 KB to 32 KB 4 KB to 32 KB
Maximum Volume Size 16,736,256 2,147,123,200 about 241



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