LIS 505 - Library automation

integrated library systems

ILSs for short. Automated library systems in which all of the functional modules (acquisitions, circulation, cataloging, serials, an OPAC, etc.) are accessible online and share a common database. Library Automation Glossary


Short for Machine-Readable Cataloging. A standard structure for computer catalog records. Library Automation Glossary Based on the NISO Z39.2 standard for information interchange (ISO 2709).


A nonprofit membership organization providing libraries around the world with various services, especially access to its WorldCat database of about 50 million cataloging records. OCLC


Short for online public access catalogs. Online systems providing access to the library's holdings information. Library Automation Glossary


A standard for information retrieval that specifies a query/response protocol between a client and a server. Library Automation Glossary Commonly used in providing gateways to other libraries' catalogs.


Also called "Web agents", "autonomous agents", or "intelligent agents". Software that works independently, on the basis of user preferences, to do things such as filtering e-mail or finding interesting Web sites. NetLingo

digital libraries

Libraries in which a significant proportion of the resources are available in machine-readable format. ODLIS.

virtual libraries

Collections existing only as digital files accessible via computer, not as books or tangible media in specific buildings. Library Automation Glossary


Compiling one or more indexes or adding entries for new documents to an open-ended index. ODLIS.

filtering software

Software to block access to certain Web pages, by site, keywords, or other criteria.


Generally, information about data. In HTML, information provided in meta tags in the document head. Interactive Glossary of Internet Terms

requests for information

RFIs for short. Formal requests sent to vendors for information on their automation systems. Library Automation Glossary

requests for proposals

RFPs for short. Formal open bid documents to obtain customized responses from a vendor. Usually precursors to legal contracts. Library Automation Glossary. For more detail, see LIS 505 - RFPs.
Major library automation software packages, by reported installed sites, 2002
Package Vendor Installations
Circulation Plus and Catalog Plus Follett Software Company 37,303
Winnebago Spectrum Sagebrush Corp. 17,098
Athena 11,846
Alice Softlink America Inc. 9,000
COMPanion Alexandria 8,381
DB/Text for Libraries InMagic 7,944
Concourse Book Systems 6,900
M3 Mandarin Library Automation Inc. 3,060
Dynix Dynix 2,323
Unicorn Library Management System Sirsi Corporation 1,252
Endeavor Voyager Information Systems 1,159

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