LIS 505 - Applications software

applications software

Software designed for end-users.


Instructions for using hardware or software, such as printed manuals.

user-friendly software

Software that is easy to use, especially for novices.

custom software

Software that is custom-made or custom-built for a particular buyer. Google

COTS software

Short for commercial off-the-shelf software. Software that is ready-made and available for sale to the public. Also called packaged software or commercial software.

open-source software

Software released under a standard of the Open Source Initiative (OSI) which requires that there be no royalties on distribution, that the source code must be accessible to users, that modifications are allowed, and that no one can be denied access to the software.


Software given away free by the author, who retains the copyright and may place restrictions on use of the software.


Software distributed freely but for which the author requests a fee from regular users.

public-domain software

Software that is not copyrighted.

software piracy

Unauthorized copying of copyrighted software.

site licenses

Licenses that entitle entire sites to use as many copies as they need for a single price.

application service providers

ASPs. Third parties that manage and distribute software services to customers across a wide area network.

word processing

Text editing combined with formatting and other special features, such as file management, font specification, footnoting, cross-referencing, graphics, page headers and footers and numbering, merging, spell checking, indexing, table-of-contents generation, and print previewing.

desktop publishing

Using a personal computer or workstation to produce high-quality printed documents.


Tables of values arranged in rows and columns, where one value can have a predefined relationship to another value.

database management systems

DBMSs. Software that enables users to store, modify, and extract information from databases.

presentation graphics software

Software that enables users to create images for electronic slide shows.

communications software

Software that makes it possible to send and receive data over telephone lines through modems.

software suites

Collections of software sold together as single packages. ComputerUser

integrated software

Software that performs more than one type of task, especially that combines word processing, database management, spreadsheet functions, and communications into a single package.


Software that helps groups of colleagues attached to a local-area network organize their activities and that typically supports scheduling, allocating resources, e-mail, password protection for documents, telephone utilities, electronic newsletters, and file distribution. Also called collaborative software.

help desks

Departments that respond to users' technical questions. . Also referred to as information centers.


Short for small office/home office. .

computer programmers

People who write computer programs.

systems analysts

People who design and manage the development of applications software. .


Chief information officers. People in charge of information processing in organizations. ComputerUser

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