LIS 505 - Spreadsheets and graphs


automatic recalculation

Recalculation of the values of all (dependent) cell values whenever a value changes.

what if

A way of using a spreadsheet to make predictions by changing certain items of data and seeing how other items are affected. ComputerUser


Boxes into which data can be entered, each representing the intersection of a row and a column.

active cell

The cell into which data can currently be entered.


Descriptive texts placed in cells.


Expressions in cells that define how they relate to other cells.


Named sets of instructions each of which returns a value . In spreadsheets, function references are used in constructing formulas.


Sets of one or more contiguous cells forming a rectangular shape.

presentation graphics

line graphs

Charts that highlight trends by drawing lines between data points.


Intersecting reference lines in a coordinate system, used to plot numbers on a chart. The horizontal axis is the x axis and the vertical axis is the y axis. ComputerUser

bar charts

Charts in which different values are represented by rectangular bars. Also called bar graphs.

pie charts

Charts in which proportions are represented by different sized slices of a circle.

exploded pie charts

Pie charts in which one or more of the component slices are shown slightly separated from the rest.

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