LIS 505 - Systems analysis


Combinations of components working together.

systems development

Analysis and design of systems, including development and implementation of applications. ComputerUser

systems analysis

Analysis of information systems with a view to designing or modifying them to meet user needs. ComputerUser

organization charts

Charts that show an organization's structure or the relationships of people and positions. Corel Corp.

data flow diagrams

Charts used to describe how data flows between processes in a system. FOLDOC

decision tables

Tables representing actions and their associations with combinations of conditions. *.


Working models used for demonstration or testing, or to secure financing for complete versions. Digital Media Knowlege Base.


Short for computer aided software engineering. Use of software tools to automate, manage, and simplify software development; for example, for summarizing requirements, developing flow diagrams, scheduling development tasks, preparing documentation, controlling versions, and programming.

Gantt charts

A type of chart with a horizontal axis representing time and a vertical axis representing tasks that make up a project, and horizontal bars representing time spans of the tasks.

unit testing

Testing a single application without testing how well it works with other applications. ComputerUser Compare system testing, where a system is tested as a whole, using a small amount of data, and volume testing, where a system is tested as a whole using a large amount of data.

system conversion

file conversion

Changing files from one format to another. ComputerUser

legacy systems

Systems that remain in use after the installation of more modern technology.

audit trails

Records showing who has accessed a computer system and what operations they have performed.

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