LIS 523 - Freeware

Freeware required for the course may be downloaded from the following sites.

Internet Explorer

A version of Internet Explorer is included with various releases of Windows. Any recent version should be adequate for this course. If you have an older version and wish to upgrade, Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 includes a full installation of the version of Internet Explorer recommended for versions of Windows before XP SP2. (Internet Explorer 7 is available only for later versions of Windows and requires installing and running the controversial Windows Genuine Advantage tool.)

Internet Explorer provides access to some special, but non-essential, features of the course SharePoint site.

Internet Explorer supports almost all, but not all, of HTML 4; specifically, it ignores the q tag and the despised blink tag.

This package is not available for general redistibution by third parties.

You will need to test how your pages display in other browsers as well. You will probably find it easiest to download and install the browsers on your own machine, though there are alternatives, such as using emulation sites or employing another machine temporarily. is based on StarOffice, an office productivity suite purchased by Sun Microsystems in 1999. includes a word processor, a spreadsheet, a presentation manager, a drawing program, and (starting with version 2.0) a simple database manager and can handle a number of common file formats. It can be used to create simple HTML files, but does not include a Web publishing function.

If the setup program fails, try downloading the package again from another site.

This package may be freely redistributed provided the copyright information is retained as well as the link to where to obtain the source code.

Quite a big download (101,586,300 bytes), not recommended for dial-up connections.


The GIMP is an image editor with similar capabilities to PhotoShop. The Windows version has been ported from the original Unix/Linux version, and, perhaps as a result, the interface is a little odd in places.

GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program.

You must download and install GTK+ before installing the GIMP. Administrator privileges are required to install these packages properly. Note that you also need to download and install the help files separately.

For redistibution, the GNU license requires also redistributing all the source code or offering to provide it on demand. This source code is not included with the normal download, but is available elsewhere (

A couple of moderately large downloads (7,613,870 bytes for GIMP, 3,639,340 bytes for GTK+, plus a similar amount for the help files if desired).

Balthisar Cascade

Balthisar Cascade 2.0 is quite a comprehensive HTML stylesheet editor. It uses its own file format and does not work directly on HTML, CSS, and XML files, though it allows importing and exporting. Note that exporting to a CSS file sometimes fails for no apparent reason; you should check your folder to make sure the CSS file has really been created and use the recommended workaround if you continue to have problems.

This version is freeware, released for evaluation and feedback, but later versions may not be; so you should download the currrent version as soon as possible. Reproduction rights are reserved by the author.

A modest-sized download (1,449,188 bytes).

XRefHT32 and TheW32

XRefHT32 contains various tools to assist in the creation of simple Web indexes. TheW32, which may be used as a companion to XRefHT32 for automatic term selection and cross-reference generation, is a thesaurus management program which has been used for many years in teaching thesaurus construction.

Both XRefHT32 and TheW32 may be freely redistributed.

A couple of moderate-sized downloads (2,055,950 bytes and 2,005,642 bytes).

Xenu's Link Sleuth

Xenu's Link Sleuth is a link checker. In addition to hot links in both anchors and local image maps, it can check references to images, frames, plug-ins, backgrounds, stylesheets, scripts, and Java applets. Sorting by different criteria is supported, as are reports in HTML format, which can include site maps.

Note that, when you choose to generate a report when Internet Explorer is not running, Xenu's Link Sleuth may start Internet Explorer, but Internet Explorer may fail to open the report automatically.

This offering of the course has no assignment requiring Link Sleuth, but you may find it a handy tool for evaluating Web sites and creating your own.

Reproduction rights are reserved by the author, but it appears that this product is intended to remain freeware.

A short download (544,962 bytes).

Other Free Web Browsers


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