LIS 523 - Java Search Engine

This page is designed to demonstrate the use of a Java applet to provide a simple search engine for the course Web site. If you do not see a search box below, Java is probably disabled or not installed in your browser.

The applet may fail to display the results page if the number of items retrieved is too large. This deficiency is probably due to the fact that the results are passed to the results page as part of the URL. Internet Explorer limits URLs to 2048 bytes.

Enter the words you'd like to search for in the search box, separating them with spaces or commas. To search for a phrase, place the phrase between double quotes.

(If you do not see the search box here, your browser is not Java-enabled.)

For the list of files covered by the search, see the file files.txt.

(Java applet supplied by The Gilbert Post, independent student paper of Gilbert High School, Iowa, USA.)


Last updated September 6, 2006.
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