LIS 523 - SharePoint Search Engine

You can include a simple site search feature in one or more pages on your site using SharePoint's search engine.

SharePoint warns that "It may take several minutes for recently saved documents to appear in the search results." Sometimes, documents seem to be added almost immediately to the searchable list; at the other extreme, it may happen that no documents in a document libary ever end up being searchable. SharePoint provides no way for the ordinary user to control this behavior.

The following is HTML code for a simple form that allows the user to search for words in pages in a document library:

<form action="subweb url/_vti_script/search.idq" method="get">
<input type=hidden name=Template value="search">
<input type=hidden name=DocLibDir value="document library">
<input type=text name="SearchString">
<input type="submit" value="search">

For example, the following form allows you to search the "Shared Documents" document library for the 2004 Fall offering of this course:

SharePoint's search is extremely simple. Some obvious stopwords (such as the) are ignored. Other words are apparently just ored together; boolean operators are not recognized. Results seem to be ranked on the basis of frequency of matches within pages (not on the number of different words matched).


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