LIS 525 - Managing Internet Information Services

This course is intended to complement a course in Web design and architecture (such as LIS 523) by dealing with management functions and issues. Subject matter includes basics of joining the Internet, estimating server needs, selecting appropriate local hardware, selecting an ISP, policy development, list servers, legal issues, accessibility standards, security, publicity, evaluation, and future trends. Students will not be able to experiment with server administration functions, but some hands-on experience will be provided with log file analysis.

This offering of the course is entirely in alternate mode: there are no scheduled classes or labs. Students will be expected to be able to post to online discussions sometime on Tuesday or Wednesday of each week.

Students are required to have use of a personal computer with adequate privileges and an Internet connection (broadband is recommended but not required). The operating environment is generally assumed to be a recent version of Windows, but another operating system may be used with some minor adjustments to a couple of assignments.

Marks will be assigned for the following: 63% for your choice of 7 out of 10 weekly elective reports, some of which may be drafts for the parts of the final "consultant's report"; 17% for the final version of the "consultant's report" due the final week of term; 20% for participation in online discussion boards and one minor pass/fail type assignment.


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