LIS 525 - Bytes in Different File Formats

Which file formats information providers choose can have a big effect on file sizes and hence on server loads. For example, the same sample text
This is a test.
takes up the following different numbers of bytes when stored in some common formats:
Format Bytes
WordPerfect 5.1 766
WordPerfect 10 1,679
RTF 2,527
WordPerfect 9 2,881 1 5,284 2 6,070
PDF 8,827
Microsoft Word 2000 19,456
Microsoft Word 2003 19,968

Here's a comparison for some graphics file formats for a simple Windows dialog snapshot:
Format Bytes Quality
PNG (non-interlaced) 3,105 Good
GIF 3,868 Good
Monochrome bitmap 7,214 Poor
JPEG 12,983 Good
16-color bitmap 26,938 Good
256-color bitmap 54,122 Poor
24-bit color bitmap 158,590 Good
PDF 159,278 Good

Note that the figures for compressed formats, such as JPEG, can differ considerably for a given image size, depending on the number of colours, the complexity of the image, and the degree of compression selected.


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