LIS 558 - Brief information

Data Base Management Systems and Programming

Students taking this course are assumed to have already had a basic introduction to Microsoft Access and to be able to create a simple table, including choosing appropriate data types and lengths for fields and specifying a primary key, and to print out the table. On the practical side, the course covers Microsoft Access in somewhat more detail, devotes about 3 weeks to programming using the Visual Basic language, and introduces how to make an Access database available on the Web using Microsoft FrontPage. The main theoretical part of the course uses Entity-Relationship diagrams to analyze the data requirements for information systems. Conversion from this format to a Microsoft Access relational database is also covered. Some other database management systems are also briefly considered.

Two textbooks have been ordered for the Bookstore:

These textbooks are not required for the course, but you may find them useful as additional support.

There are 6 assignments: (1) a short practical assignment on using Microsoft Access; (2-3) a pair of more theoretical assignments on database modeling; (4) a longer practical assignment involving programming in Visual Basic for Microsoft Access; (5) a shorter practical assignment on mounting a database on the Web; (6) a shorter assignment on another database management system.


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