LIS 558 (2001 Fall) - General information


Database Management Systems and Programming

Place and time

Classes: MC 16, Mondays, 9 am - 11:50 am (on weeks when there are labs, classes will end by 11 am).

Labs: MC 230 lab A, Mondays, 12 noon - 1:20 pm (no labs are scheduled on September 10, October 22, November 26, or December 3 or 10).


Tim Craven, MC 272, tel. 661-2111 ext. 88497,

Course description

Structured programming for information processing using a data base management system. Data modelling and file structures and their application to information retrieval and library automation. Analysis of data requirements and implementation of systems using a DBMS.

Classes and labs

Classes will consist largely of discussion of assignments or lectures and demonstrations by the professor to introduce new material. Students are reminded that attendance at all classes, except for reasons of family emergency, serious illness, or religious obligation, is required.

Labs, held as a continuation of most classes, will provide a structured opportunity for hands-on practice with concepts covered.

Course documentation

Generally, course documentation will be provided via the World Wide Web [ or, on the FIMS intranet, file:///s:people/faculty/craven/558/index.htm]. This general information sheet and lab exercises will be provided in preprinted form.


Assignment 1 (table creation, queries, and reports) (due Week 6) 18%
Assignment 2 (drawing an Entity-Relationship diagram) (due Week 7) 12%
Assignment 3 (designing an Access database from an Entity-Relationship diagram) (due week 8) 12%
Assignment 4 (Visual Basic) (due Week 11) 24%
Assignment 5 (Mounting a database on the Web) (due week 12) 6%
Assignment 6 (DB/TextWorks or other DBMS) (due Week 14) 12%
Oral participation (other than simple attendance) 16%
Total 100%

You are reminded that intentional duplication of another student's work constitutes a violation of the policy on plagiarism.

All assignments are due at the beginning of the class in the week indicated. Material received after this deadline will normally not be marked.


Professor to students

Material submitted for each assignment will normally be handed back at the beginning of the following week's class. Discussion in classes will provide considerable general feedback. Additional individual feedback (for example, on class participation) is available on request.

Students to professor

See the professor directly, or use the feedback session. There is considerable room for flexibility regarding in-class activities.

Suggested texts (ordered for the Bookstore)

Reserve materials

See the file 558bib.htm.


  1. September 10. Review of basic concepts; data input and editing. (O'Leary pp. xxi-xxxix; ch. 1; ch. 2, pp. AC2-1 - AC2-21)
  2. September 17. Customizing table views; sorting; security. Lab. (O'Leary ch. 2, pp. AC2-21- AC2-24; ch 3, pp. AC3-1 - AC3-9)
  3. September 24. Querying; forms and reports. Lab. (Kroenke, ch. 1, p. 34-39; O'Leary, ch. 2, pp. 2-24 - 2-33; ch. 3, pp. 3-9 - 3-21, 3-27 - 3-43)
  4. October 1. More on forms and reports. Lab. (Kroenke, ch. 10, p. 248-253; O'Leary, ch. 5, pp. AC5-5 - AC5-22, AC 5-26 - AC 5-39; ch. 6, pp. AC6-1 - AC6-22)
  5. [October 8. Thanksgiving Day: no class or lab.]
  6. October 15. (Assignment 1 due.) Entity-Relationship model: drawing Entity-Relationship diagrams. Lab. (Kroenke, ch. 3)
  7. October 22. (Assignment 2 due.) Translating from Entity-Relationship diagrams into Access tables; relationships between tables in Access. (Kroenke, ch. 1, p. 32-34; ch. 5; ch. 6; ch. 10, p. 256-264; O'Leary, ch. 3, pp. AC3-21 - AC3-27, ch. 4, pp. AC4-36 - AC4-44)
  8. October 29. (Assignment 3 due.) Visual Basic: basics; menus. Lab.
  9. November 5. Visual Basic: controlling forms; actions. Lab.
  10. November 12. Visual Basic: Recordset objects; dialog boxes. Lab.
  11. November 19. (Assignment 4 due.) Using FrontPage to mount a database on the Web; Structured Query Language (SQL). Lab. (Kroenke, ch. 9; ch. 11, pp. 273-282)
  12. November 26. (Assignment 5 due.) Information retrieval; file structures; inverted files (Kroenke, Appendix A. Meadow, Boyce, and Kraft, ch. 5-6 and ch. 8. Salton and McGill, ch. 1-2)
  13. December 3. DB/TextWorks.
  14. December 10. (Assignment 6 due.) Other DBMS software. Conclusion.


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