LIS 558 - Reports in Microsoft Access

  1. A report can be based on a query or on a table.
  2. You can use the report wizards to obtain a quick form of report from a query or table and then modify the report.
  3. To group records in a report, select "View|Sorting and Grouping" and use the "Sorting and Grouping" window to select fields and to set the Group On property for each field.
  4. To insert a text box in one of the sections of the report,
    1. click on the "Text Box" icon in the Toolbox
    2. click on the position in the report where you want the text box, hold down the left button and drag to create a box
    3. right click on this box and select "Properties" from the popup menu to get the properties window (if the properties window is already showing, left click on the box to have the window show the properties for the box)
    4. select the "Control Source" item at "Data" tab to set the value to be displayed:
      1. for a table/query field, or a running sum of a table/query field, just choose from the dropdown list. For a running sum, also select "Over Group" or "Over All" from the "Running Sum" dropdown list.
      2. for a calculated field, either type = plus the formula directly into the "Control Source" edit box or click on the "..." button to the right and use the Expression Builder to assist you.
        • The name of a table/query field should generally be enclosed in brackets ([ ])
        • The Expression Builder does not include buttons for all operators; others, such as <= and >=, can be seen by selecting "Operators" from the lefthand expression elements box
        • Aggregate functions include Sum, Count, and Avg; they do not work on calculated fields in the report, but will work on calculated fields from a query
        • Double click to expand/contract the "Tables", "Queries", "Reports", "Forms", and "Functions" folders in the Expression Builder.
    5. set the format of the text box at the "Format" tab. For example, use the "Format" dropdown list to specify that the Boolean value of a calculated field is to be displayed as True or False.
    6. remove or modify the label as preferred.
      1. To remove a label, click on it and press the Delete key.
      2. To change a label, view its properties in the properties window and make changes there (mostly at the "Format" tab)


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