LIS 640 - Some software available for evaluation

Packages by type

Category Main packages
(for elective paper)
Other packages
(for focused report or final paper)
Database management, file management, IR Inmagic DB/TextWorks11, Microsoft Access5 15 Paradox 94
Graphics, presentation Corel Presentations 94, Microsoft PowerPoint5 15 CorelDraw 814, CorelDREAM 3D 814, Corel PhotoHouse 512, Corel Photo-Paint 814, Corel Print Office 512, Corel WEB.PhotoPaint13, Imageready9, Microsoft Photo Editor5, Paint2, Photoshop 5.59,
HTML-related WordPerfect 94, Netscape Composer6 Arachnophilia3, Corel Web Designer13, FrontPage Express1, Internet Explorer16, Microsoft FrontPage15, Netscape Navigator6, Trellix 2.14
Spreadsheet, statistics Quattro Pro 94, Microsoft Excel5 15 SPSS 10.0 for Windows8
Other Microsoft Word5 15, PageMaker 6.59, PFE Editor16, PowerZip7, WordPad2, WS_FTP95 LE10

Access to packages from FIMS Start Programs menu

The list of packages above generally does not cover older (Windows 3.1 and DOS) packages that may still be available, various minor utilities and ancillary programs, software installed only on certain machines (such as those in Lab B) and software requiring special equipment or permissions (such as networking software). Many of these might also be suitable for a focused report or the final paper.


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