LIS 677

Subject Analysis and Thesaurus Construction

The course is centred around student projects involving construction of small thesauri for indexing and information retrieval. Abstracting, book indexing, indexing for the Web, and other topics will also be discussed.

In addition to the main thesaurus project report, due in final week of term, there are 7 short reports to be submitted out of a set of 12 choices throughout the term.

This offering of the course is entirely in alternate mode: there are no scheduled classes or labs. Students will be expected to be able to post to online discussions sometime on Wednesday or Thursday of each week.

Students are required to have use of a personal computer running Windows 98 or better, with adequate privileges and an Internet connection (broadband is recommended but not required). In preparation for the course, they should install the following freeware (links will be provided on the course Web site):

Marks will be assigned for the following: 63% for short reports; 1% for a preliminary facet question for the thesaurus project; 18% for the final thesaurus construction report; and 18% for participation in online course discussions.

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