LIS 677 - Accessing the ERIC thesaurus on the Web

To access the ERIC thesaurus on the Web, do the following:
  1. Make sure you have Javascript enabled in your browser.
  2. Go to the UWO Library System home page (
  3. Pull down the "Quick Links..." list.
  4. Click on "Databases by Title".
  5. Under the Es, click on "ERIC PlusText".
  6. Click on "Thesaurus".
(If prompted at any point for your name and password, type in your last name and UWO id and click on the "O.K." button.)

A list of the first few terms in the thesaurus terms should appear.

Details are not available for non-preferred terms, but "see" references are included in the term list; for example
Subject Access
(See Indexing )

When finished, click on "Close window" in both ProQuest windows; then click on the "Continue" button and click on "OK" if you are prompted for confirmation.

An alternative Web interface to the thesaurus is available at the official ERIC site (

Illustrations of the different Web interfaces are given on the course SharePoint site at


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