LIS 677 - Descriptions to be facet analyzed for comment

  1. Attacked by pit bulls! Crazed by blood lust, they turn a quiet residential street into a scene of horror.
  2. Community bands together against winter moth.
  3. Dinosaur artists Brian Cooley and Mary Ann Wilson.
  4. Do chimpanzees seek explanations? Preliminary comparative investigation.
  5. Early humans may have exterminated most large mammals in the Americas.
  6. Gene therapy cures blindness in dogs.
  7. Half a million penguins pull up to this bleak shore in Patagonia every year, after one of the most astonishing migrations in all of nature.
  8. How can sea mammals drink saltwater?
  9. How to prevent, and first aid for, insect bites and stings.
  10. Into the dinosaur's graveyard: digs and discoveries in Canada.
  11. Journey of the nectar bats: the annual migration from Mexico to Arizona is at risk.
  12. Minke whales make Star Wars noises.
  13. New Hampshire students boost butterfly habitat.
  14. New studies suggest that Stone Age hunters may have driven dozens of huge creatures to extinction.
  15. Wasp communication.
  16. When the red fox comes to town: as their numbers soar in the suburbs, they delight many homeowners, but sometimes pose a threat to rare species.
  17. The world's longest-running study of killer whales reveals that pods pass on their vocal and social traditions.
  18. Yodel dogs - cute, until they decide to eat your baby.


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