LIS 677 - Faceting example

The following shows a tentative facet analysis of a set of descriptions used in an exercise on subject analysis and thesaurus construction.

Coded descriptions

  1. /Alberta\ - the <U of C> admits more [students] who may not get jobs.
  2. <Alberta Vocational College> closes Learning Resource Centre.
  3. (Clarence Rupert Tracy), {1908-1993}: obituary.
  4. A Controversial chain of events surrounds the early retirement of an award-winning /Calgary\ [professor].
  5. Controversy dogs a [president]'s appointment at <Mount Allison U>.
  6. 'Inaugural discourse', <Acadia College>, {1861}.
  7. (Kim Clark) means business now: he almost quit <Harvard> as an [undergrad]. Today, he's a [dean].
  8. The Life and times of the <University of /Canada\ North>, {1970-1985}.
  9. (MacDonald) appointed [director] of School of Library and Information Studies.
  10. New [president] of <University of /British Columbia\> must deal with unpopular [vice-president] (Jack Newberry).
  11. Post-secondary education in the /Yukon\ - {the last thirty years}.
  12. Quest, the <University of /New Brunswick\>'s client-server library system.
  13. Sick and tired at <Harvard>: the [president] takes a medical leave.
  14. <U/BC\> poly-sci [profs] are labelled 'sexist and racist'.
  15. The University in /Ontario\, {1791-1951}: book review.
  16. <University of /Regina\> [students] protest the federal government's proposed cuts to post-secondary education.


Code Mnemonic Brief question
[.] POSITIONS What positions in a university or college, including types of students, are discussed?
(.) PERSONS What names of persons associated with a university or college are mentioned?
<.> INSTITUTIONS What names of universities or colleges are mentioned?
{.} TIME What period of years is covered by the subject matter?
/.\ GEOGRAPHICAL What named cities, provinces, or countries are involved in the subject matter?


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