LIS 677 - Thesaurus construction project

For this project, you are to create a controlled vocabulary in the form of a microthesaurus (giving 50-75 preferred terms) for one facet of the subject matter of newspaper articles such as those appearing in Western News. Material to be submitted should include:
  1. A definition of the facet covered (in the basic form of a question about the document to be indexed, amplified as appropriate, up to a paragraph in length).
  2. A list of sources used in constructing the thesaurus.
  3. Additional introductory matter, including a discussion of up to 500 words on problems encountered in constructing the thesaurus.
  4. A complete hierarchical thesaurus display, like that produced by the default "TREE" report format in the TheW32 package.
  5. A complete alphabetical thesaurus display, like that produced by the default "ALPHA" option in the TheW32 package.
  6. For each of 2 sample published articles from Western News:
    1. The title, text, and citation of the article.
    2. An answer to the facet question in your own words.
    3. The terms from your thesaurus that you would assign to the article for the facet.

This material should be e-mailed to reach the instructor by 9 am on the last Wednesday of the term. A single attachment containing all the parts is preferred.

Western News is available on the Web at


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