LIS 677 - Form for evaluation of thesaurus project

  1. Acknowledgement of sources (5%).
  2. Definition of facet (15%).
    1. Appropriateness of scope (Does it apply to a suitable number of articles from Western News?)
    2. Clarity.
    3. Unity (Is a single concept category and role specified?)
  3. Additional introductory matter (20%).
    1. Discussion of problems (up to 500 words).
    2. Other material (if present) (e.g., explanation of any special rules adopted for term relationships).
  4. Hierarchical display (20%).
    1. Appropriateness of terms to facet question.
    2. Balance of coverage of possible answers.
    3. Sufficient number of terms.
    4. Form of terms (including spelling).
    5. Correctness of hierarchical structure.
    6. Sufficient depth of hierarchy.
  5. Alphabetical display (20%).
    1. Consistency with hierarchical display.
    2. Order and internal consistency.
    3. Form of terms not in hierarchical display (including spelling).
    4. Appropriateness of scope notes (if present).
    5. Appropriateness of RT, USE/UF, and other references.
  6. Indexed articles (20%).
    1. Titles.
    2. Texts.
    3. Citation of sources.
    4. Appropriateness as samples.
    5. Answers to facet question in student's own words.
    6. Terms chosen from thesaurus.


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