NEPHIS32 - Recent Updates

2006 October

The package has been recompiled under Borland's free (100-year license) Delphi 2006 for Win32 Explorer.

2005 November

Use of the Terminal font in the tree display has been dropped, because display in this font is messed up by more recent versions of the Windows Rich Edit control.

2002 July

Support for generation of permuted cross-references from a NEPHIS thesaurus has been added.

2002 June

Options have been added for tree display of input string structure, step-by-step demonstration of entry generation, and continuous updating of the index entries for the current input string, and for continuous validation of the input string.

2002 January

The application has been ported to Delphi Professional version 6. One adverse effect of this is that the executable file is now much larger.

2001 March

A bug that caused autocoding to work on only the first input item has been fixed.

Input is now edited as a continuous text in a memo field, with one line per record, rather than in a grid.

The "View HTML" button now calls upon the user's default browser rather than employing the Microsoft ActiveX control, which had become unstable.

Last updated February 5, 2008, by Tim Craven