TexNet32 - Recent Updates

2007 December

The URL used to access online help if HTML Help does not work has been changed.

2006 November

The package has been recompiled under Borland's free (100-year license) Delphi 2006 for Win32 Explorer.

Negative and positive weighting on selected stems has been changed to make use of the appropriate parameters.

2005 July

Proximity operators are now allowed in queries for the Boolean extract option.

New scripting commands have been added for the various kinds of extraction, and for opening a full text file, saving an extract, and running a script.

2004 December

Workarounds have been added for some bugs in newer versions of the Rich Edit control: one in the text replacement function, which caused hanging during conversion of TexNetF .DOC files, and a second that would cause unwanted coloring of the text; another in the text color settings, which sometimes caused incorrect coloring of text filtered from HTML.

2004 March

Highlighting of keywords or positive or negative cue words is now done in the linking assistance subwindow, rather than using a transparent overlay that brought out some buggy behavior in the Rich Edit control.

An obscure bug whereby, if the VisualSpeller ActiveX control could not be initialized, a series of access violation messages would appear has been eliminated by setting the idle event handler later in initializing the application.

Meta-tagged keywords can now be imported from an HTML file.

2003 December

Highlighting from an editing window now no longer shows through onto other dialogs and windows.

2002 October

Some minor improvements have been made to the 2-d graphic display: axes now pass through the origin, and the Y-axis title is displayed in 90° rotation and may be up to 60 characters.

2002 July

Menu items are now available to select the current paragraph and the current word.

Scripts may now be run to set parameters and weight paragraphs. Automatic running of a startup script is available as an option. Parameter settings and the latest weighting sequence may be saved as scripts.

Fonts, alignment, bulleting, indentations, and tabs may now be selected when editing Rich Text.

Highlighting of key words is now accomplished with an overlay; this is much quicker than the previous method and does not interfere with text formatting. An option is available to cancel highlighting.

The user may now choose to paste either plain text or Rich Text.

2002 May

A problem with compaction options for text in graphic displays, introduced because of a misleading compiler warning, has now been eliminated.

2002 January

The application has been ported to Delphi Professional version 6. One adverse effect of this is that the application file is now much larger. On the other hand, the downloadable file is smaller, because it has also been necessary to drop the HTML viewer, which is no longer supported by Delphi. In place of the HTML viewer, a function has been added to allow import via a URL.

2001 November

Three-dimensional displays can now be exported to VRML files.

2001 April

The ancillary list, paragraph weights, parameters, and words in full text windows are now normal windows and do not appear within the main window.

A "Reform" function has been added in the "Edit" menu to strip extra spaces and ends of lines from text copied and pasted from HTML viewers.

Two- and three-dimensional displays of term associations are now available through the "Tools" menu. Terms can be assigned two- or three-dimensional coordinates automatically from cooccurrence data. A "Graph coocurring words" function in the "Other" menu allows term cooccurrence data to be saved to a file and provides a graphic display of word cooccurrences.

A "Sentences" function now available in the "Extract" menu provides a list of sentences ranked by a score combining density of frequent keywords and positive cues and rarity of negative and cohesion cues.

Last updated February 5, 2008, by Tim Craven