TexNet32 - Thesaurus functions

To make use of the thesaurus functions, you need to have a *.the thesaurus created with the TheW or TheW32 thesaurus management package and a copy of TheW32 dated 1998 September 17 or later.

When you first invoke any thesaurus function, TexNet32 will allow you to select the full pathname for Thew32.exe. This pathname will be stored in your Texnet32.ini file and will be used to run TheW32 automatically when needed in subsequent TexNet32 sessions.

Use TheW32 at any time to select the thesaurus that you wish to use for TexNet32 thesaurus functions. From TexNet32, you can switch to TheW32 by selecting "Thesaurus" from the "Tools" menu. Selecting "Thesaurus (paste clipboard)" from the "Tools" menu has the same effect, except that the contents of the Windows clipboard are automatically pasted into the TheW32 clipboard.

Weighting functions that use the thesaurus are

The "Standardize" option in the "Tools" menu uses the thesaurus to standardize terminology in the selected text in the currently focused editing window. What constitutes a "USE" reference for this purpose is determined in TheW32 by comparison of linktype weights with the TheW32 standardization threshold.

Last updated February 5, 2008, by Tim Craven