TexNet32 - WWW filters

To set HTML tag filters, choose the "HTML tag filters" option from the "Tools"menu. TexNet32 will display the "HTML tag filters" window.

These filters will be applied to HTML documents when you import HTML source using the "Filter from URL..." option or from the clipboard. By default, TexNet32 uses a list of tags which you can see in the left window in the dialog. You can add tags to this list by choosing the "New" option or delete tags by highlighting the tag and choosing "Delete". To save your changes, choose the "Save" option. TexNet32 saves the HTML tag filters in the Wwwfltrs.txt file in your working directory.

The window allows you to substitute a tag with a text: choose a tag in the "Tag" line, specify a text to be inserted at the point of the beginning of the tag (<TAG...>) and a text to be inserted at the point of its end (</TAG...>). You can also assign a negative or positive weight to be applied to the text between the beginning and ending tags. You can view the weights after the source text is imported by choosing the "Paragraph weights" option from the "Window" menu. As mentioned elsewhere, weights can not be saved.

In addition you can choose whether the tagged text should be imported as a separate paragraph, whether the tagged text should be omitted, and whether the line breaks of the original should be preserved as paragraph breaks.

Tagged text can be given any combination of bold, italic, underline, or strikeout styles if you check the corresponding checkboxes.

Regardless of what HTML tag filters are defined, TexNet32 will always deal with the NAME and HREF attributes of "<A...>" tag, creating appropriate targets and links in the full text and entries in the "Link destinations" window. Apart from this, when importing, TexNet32 will ignore an HTML tag for which no filter has been defined.

Last updated February 5, 2008, by Tim Craven