TheW32 - Recent updates

2007 June

Export to XML now includes terms beginning with non-alphabetic characters.

2007 February

A function has been added to allow searching the term list by substring.

A couple of holes have been plugged that allowed adding of terms containing non-ASCII characters, leading to inconsistent results.

2006 November

The package has been recompiled under Borland's free (100-year license) Delphi 2006 for Win32 Explorer.

In structure transformation, long virtual node names are now truncated at 240 characters, allowing the program to proceed without throwing a range-check error.

2006 May

A minor bug that might cause unused space not to be reclaimed in a file without a free list (such as a file that has recently been packed) has been eliminated.

Loading of structure transformation rules has been fixed so that disabled "Delete link 3" rules are no longer ignored and no longer produce bad rules at the end of the list.

A function has been added to take a list of terms from the Windows clipboard and substitute a list of links from those terms to other terms and to notes.

2006 April

The "Standardize" function has been fixed so that it works correctly even when the passage to be standardized does not begin with a word.

2005 March

The introduction has been revised and some illustrations added.

2004 November

The "Suggest terms" function now ignores any phrase starting with a stopword.

2004 April

The main window can now be set to display on top of normal windows.

Some interface problems with use of automatic keyword entries in navigation and reporting have been addressed, without affecting the underlying file format. A count of keyword entries is now provided in the summary.

2004 March

The pathname of the thesaurus now appears in the caption bar.

When a read-only thesaurus is open, only those items in the Edit menu that actually involve modifying the thesaurus are now grayed.

2004 February

The user can now change standardization so that final S is not separated from words or phrases for purposes of matching.

A bug in the standardization routine by which Gollumisms like "bookss" sometimes caused non-fatal access errors has been corrected.

2003 December

If the RTF preview window is kept open, the preview is now automatically updated as changes are made.

When an existing note is edited, the old text is now no longer converted to upper case.

2003 June

When opening a *.txt file or importing terms and links, TheW32 now automatically converts all terms to upper case, thus avoiding the possibility in previous versions of importing terms containing lower case characters and having their links inaccessible in the main window.

When opening a *.txt file, TheW32 now rejects records that appear out of order, thus avoiding thesaurus corruption that would otherwise occur.

The RTF preview option now always shows the currently selected report, not the summary.

2002 December

The first letter of the mnemonic can now be used as a shortcut to set the current linktype.

2002 November

In report formats, linktypes to forms to be substituted for the actual terms may now be specified for both RTF and HTML. This allows for displays of specific terms in various mixtures of upper and lower case, punctuation, and special characters. (A bug in this update that caused terms to be displayed instead of notes in HTML output was corrected on November 29.)

2002 July

A bug introduced in the latest version of the packing routine (due to an out-of-place copy of a statement in the source code) has been eliminated.

2002 June

A read-only thesaurus may now be opened.

Some options have been added to the graphic displays: the user may now temporarily adjust positions of individual nodes, regenerate the display for a different node without returning to the main window, adjust the display automatically to show full texts of all nodes, and set default box sizes.

2002 May

A function to allow quick loading of a thesaurus from a text file is now available.

A problem with compaction options for text in graphic displays, introduced because of a misleading compiler warning, has now been eliminated.

The spell checker now ignores case throughout and the "Cancel" button now cancels the entire rest of the spell check.

In HTML file generation, the user may now create a file listing named anchors or use such a file to include links in the HTML code; this allows links between instances of the same term in two different displays of the same thesaurus.

More standard margins are now used in printouts, and the user can change margin sizes.

The report format may now be selected directly from the RTF preview window.

Terms may now be added directly from the main window.

Shortcuts are provided for setting the current linktype without leaving the term edit control.

2002 April

A workaround has now been included to correct a problem (caused by inconsistent behavior of the Delphi ExtractFileDir function) with writing HTML files to root directories.

2002 February

A function to export the thesaurus as a JavaScript file is now available. A sample HTML page is included.

Saving to the same pathname as the current thesaurus is now blocked and a warning is displayed.

2002 January

The application has been ported to Delphi Professional version 6. One adverse effect of this is that the application file is now much larger. On the other hand, the downloadable file is smaller, because it has also been necessary to drop the HTML viewer, which is no longer supported by Delphi. In place of the HTML viewer, a function has been added to preview using the default browser.

2001 December

TheW32 now responds to the pathname of a thesaurus given as a runtime parameter, opening the thesaurus automatically on startup.

A function has been added to allow export of a thesaurus to XML (VOCML) format.

2001 November

A function has been added to transform a free text on the Windows clipboard into a list of preferred terms from the thesaurus.

A bug in the "Standardize" function that could produce nonfatal error messages has been fixed.

A security hole by which a user could corrupt the entire thesaurus by adding an empty term from the clipboard has now been eliminated.

2001 April

A statistical summary can now be displayed.
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