XRefHT32 - Updates since 2000

2011 February

The "From site..." function now ignores relative URLs containing ".." when traversing a site, thus speeding processing and avoiding the creation of many duplicate entries.

2007 December

The URL used to access online help if HTML Help does not work has been changed.

2007 March

A function has been added to check the list for three common sources of problems: different headings that file identically; headings with trailing blanks; and headings lacking both subheadings and URLs.

2006 December

In HTML index creation, list items with empty URLs no longer produce links to ""; such items can thus be used to insert notes, definitions, or the like under appropriate headings.

2006 October

The package has been recompiled under Borland's free (100-year license) Delphi 2006 for Win32 Explorer.

2006 September

Some support has been added for URLs that require user names and passwords.

Functions to create entries by extraction from an entire site, either local or accessible by URL, have now been added, both in the main menus and in scripts.

2006 August

Entries can now be created by extraction directly from URLs, both from the main menus and in scripts.

Routines for saving, loading, copying, and pasting item lists have been modified to permit including double quotes in headings, subheadings, and URLs, following the conventions in the Microsoft Excel CSV format. This change allows the use of pseudo-URLs like the following:

popup.htm" target="_blank

2006 June

Two new commands have been added both in scripting and in the main window:
  1. to allow changing the list of prefixes to be stripped automatically from headings and subheadings;
  2. to allow loading a conversion table that specifies how headings and subheadings beginning in specific ways are to be sorted.

"Copy list" has been fixed so that the copy format used is compatible with "Paste list".

2006 May

In HTML index generation, substitute display forms for headings may now be taken from a TheW32 thesaurus.

Ampersands are now acceptable in the keywords in the Editing Window, allowing inclusion of character-entity references if desired.

2006 April

The "Standardize" function in the Editing Window has been fixed so that it does always apply to the keywords (as indicated in the help).

2005 September

A bug in the "Replace in all..." function that could cause the program to hang if the replacement string contained the string being replaced has been eliminated.

2005 July

Sorting of the entry list by URL is now possible.

2004 December

In the Editing window, a workaround has been introduced to allow proper syntax highlighting with newer, buggy, versions of the Rich Edit control (in which the EM_CHARFROMPOS API call fails to work correctly).

The Autoanchor and Autolink functions now do not add anchors or links in comments or in title elements, where they would be of no use.

2004 November

The keyword suggestion function now ignores words in comments (delimited by <!-- and --> in HTML code), thus avoiding matches on variable names in scripts, for example.

A workaround has been introduced in the Edit window to deal with a bug in newer versions of the Windows riched32.dll which can cause an exception when lines are inserted into a Rich Edit control that has just been clicked on.

Headings consisting only of tags or character-entity references now no longer cause access violations in creating an HTML index.

2004 May

HTML indexes can now be created in run-in style.

Quick linking to ExtPhr32 is now provided from the HTML editing window to show word and phrase frequencies in the text.

Users may now create, edit, and run scripts, allowing quick automatic updating of indexes.

2004 March

Spell checking is now available in the HTML editor.

2003 April

A utility allowing simple search and replace over a set of files has been added.

2003 March

Links directly from headings are now allowed (by default) in HTML index creation.

2002 July

Warnings are now issued if a list has not been saved.

The user may now insert site maps automatically in the HTML editor.

2002 May

HTML indexes may now be created as multiple files, one for each initial letter.

2002 January

The application has been ported to Delphi Professional version 6. One adverse effect of this is that the executable file is now much larger. Since Delphi no longer supports NEWT ActiveX controls, the old HTML viewer has been dropped, If an entry is inserted in the list from the main window, the URL and heading are now taken from the HTML Editing window if it is open. A new Web Browser window is available on machines on which Microsoft's SHDOCVW.DLL has been installed.

The HTML Editing window now allows the user to load a Web page by URL. The URL is then displayed in the top part of the window.

2001 December

Word wrap is now turned off in the HTML editor, so that long URLs are not broken.

An option is now available to delete all items from the list that contain a character string specified by the user.

Find, replace, and replace-all capabilities have been added for the list.

Cross-references in the HTML index are now assigned a reduced font and omit the heading if it is the same as the previous heading regardless of case.

Headings and metatagged keywords can now be extracted from an HTML text on the clipboard.

2001 November

Menu items have been added allowing standardization of headings in the list and text in HTML files using a TheW32 thesaurus.

Pressing the Tab key at the end of the list now automatically extends it.

An option is now available to add a URL prefix automatically to filenames when extracting titles, keywords, headings, or targets from files.

A customizable template (Xretempl.htm) has been added for HTML index creation.

An optional file Xrestrip.txt may now be used to specify text to be stripped off the beginnings of terms derived from titles, headings, and targets.

A simple HTML editor is now included, allowing easy editing of titles and meta tagged keywords. Options have been included to use a TheW32 thesaurus to convert non-preferred keywords to preferred forms and to assign keywords automatically.

An option has been added to preview the HTML index in the default browser.

Extraction of meta tagged keywords from files has been added to the methods of adding to the list.

Multiple files may now be specified for extraction of targets (named anchors), headings, titles, and meta tagged keywords.

Titles of files may now be automatically included as subheadings in extraction of targets and headings.

Ends of lines are now correctly converted to spaces when anchored texts are extracted.

2001 April

The spell checker can now be accessed, in the "Tools" menu.

Sorting now ignores HTML tags and special character codes.

Help is now displayed using HTML Help, avoiding a problem with the hostility of the server that now contains the author's home page to the NEWT ActiveX control.

A new option (on by default) allows the title of any file being viewed in the HTML viewer to be inserted automatically as the subheading of a new entry.

The HTML viewer window now contains a read-only memo box containing the title and any "keywords" or "description" meta tag values of the HTML file being viewed. An entry can be created automatically from text selected in this memo box.

Titles may now be automatically extracted from selected files in a directory; the title may also be extracted from HTML source on the clipboard.

2001 March

The list is now automatically sorted when an HTML index is produced.
Last updated February 28, 2011, by Tim Craven