XRefHT32 - Web browser window

If available, this window allows you to browse the Web and to create new entries for the main list while viewing rendered pages. For the window to be available, you must have SHDOCVW.DLL installed; SHDOCVW.DLL ships with Internet Explorer 4 and later.

To view a page whose URL you know, type the URL into the URL area at the top of the window and press Enter. To return to a recently viewed page, select its URL from the drop-down list. To view a page to which the current page links, click on the link.

To create a new list entry for a word or phrase in the page being viewed, select the word or phrase with the mouse, drag it to the small blank box near the top left, and then click on the "+" button to the left. (Dropping onto the blank box does not appear to work in Windows 2000; instead, you will have to copy the text from the browser and then paste it into the heading box before clicking on the "+".)

Last updated February 6, 2008, by Tim Craven